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    Character Creation With the Kids


    Character creation was a breeze for both kids in Numenera.  My daughter is a bit more original in her concept: a scholar who was a member of a cabal of numenera researchers who became a werewolf as a result of some kind of vile experiment.  Now she is laying low and trying to find a way to stop becoming a bloodthirsty beast.  So she is a Learned Jack who Howls at the Moon.

    My son wanted to be the Doctor.  As in "Doctor Who" the Doctor.  I explained to him that the Doctor is a kind of super hero, and we needed to hone in on whatever aspect of the Doctor he wanted to play.  After some discussion of which foci best emulated a sonic screwdriver, we came up with a Clever Jack who Talks to Machines.

    The cyphers and oddities they rolled up seemed interesting.  Son got an egg that negates smell in a small radius and a desiccating detonation.  I remember detonations fondly from Arcana Evolved, and was eager to see what he would do with it.

    The kids made their characters at two different times.  Each time was a joy: simple, interesting and not too technical.  I also made up a character to play alongside theirs to demonstrate how to use effort and other rules.  His name is Jang; he's a traveling acrobat and wrestler: a Tough Glaive who Fights with Panache.

    A quote from my daughter: "I can make Indiana Jones as a Werewolf?  This game is Awesome!!"

    Sometimes, I love Numenera not so much.


    New blog post:


    I reveal some of my reasons for choosing to run another game with adults rather than Numenera. I come across a bit harsher than I meant to, and I'd love to hear about how the Ninth World setting inspires others; it may just be that, as much as I love the Numenera engine, I just don't care for the flavor.

    Also, I don't recommend licking engines; it burnth your tonngh.