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Numenera, The Strange, NTYE, Cypher System


    Sental - Location, NPC and source for the Beyond or elsewhere!


    This little tribal village/camp has set up semi-permanently in the Beyond at its current location and has not migrated in many years. The tribe found a 500 foot diameter (150m) circular depression cordoned by 3 foot high (1m) purple upside down floating cones of unknown material. The cones are transfixed to their geographic positions and will budge a but a little, always falling back into position about 1 foot (30cm) off the ground. Passage between the cones is not impeded, but creatures of animal intelligence will not willingly cross the cordon on their own accord, in either direction. The tribe that currently resides next to this anomaly camps in large semi-permanent cone shaped hide huts off to one side of the “Corral”.

    Mycolony - Branj Inlii - Mythos Related Setting, Creatures, Artifact, Intrusions, NPCs, Rumours


    In strange corners of the Ninth World clusters of unnatural enormous fungi grow. Some reach twisting tendrils to the sky, others cover broad swaths, blooming in subterranean labyrinths, across deserts, through jungles, dotting wasted voids, surviving on frozen tundra and other less traveled vistas. Fungi are very versatile and not all fungi require dark wet environments to thrive as we generally encounter or imagine. Regardless, the mycolonies that have spawned within these areas prosper when left to their own evolution.

    Going the mile in Numenera (Kilometers work too!)


    Handy recipe card tip, thanks to Lex Starwalker and his GM Intrusions podcast for getting me onto the obvious use of recipe cards for notes, inspirations, encounters and cyphers. Brilliant, and yet so obvious. Maybe the following is obvious too, but as soon as I made one, one of my players stole it to add to his collection. Anyway, made another, the utility is obvious if you look at the attached pics.

    GM Intrusion - Virtual Reality Cloud


    This technological cloud of wonders comes in many forms and can deliver just about any virtual experience a GM can imagine. It can be a one off encounter, a recurring event, a curse, a blessing or mere entertainment. Or maybe you just want to throw a curve-ball at your PCs instead of the the standards from the list of weather choices in the Ninth World Guidebook. Basically, this cloud is a virtual or alternate reality program delivered by a cloud of bio-chem aerosol, nanites, possibly even an energy wall or through some alternate form of matter? The actual vector really doesn’t matter, the description you use as it approaches is probably much more important, as well as the reaction of the PCs while they panic to find cover or a means to protect themselves from their imagined impending doom. Regardless, if it affects a party, it should affect all present whether biological, technological or other.

    First Session of Numenera 10 Jan 2015


    What’s a busy, overwhelmed day-to-day guy to do for his first session as a Numenera GM, why run Beale of Boregal of course! I was thinking I’d get through the whole thing in during the four hour sit that we had planned and got no where near that. I can probably milk this for three or four sessions, the players love detail and have lots of questions. First lesson here, you don’t have to barrage players with the setting for buy in, they will milk you for it, use those opportunities to wax poetic during play.

    Harbinger Eclipse


    When used in a lens system or as a contact (for your eye), it will allow the user to look at one bright or blinding object, such as the Sun or a high-intensity visual laser, for prolonged periods, directly blocking the damage or effects caused by such an intense light. The character will be able to view any phenomena normally visible to them that is not in the direct line of sight with the light source (such as silhouetted adversaries) or maybe the GM could impose a perception check, as the situation dictates.

    Oddity or Otherwise? (A Dual-use Numenera)


    What would happen if some oddities were something more than an amusement for their current possessor? Is it possible that one or two oddities that come into the possession of any given owner, somewhere in the Ninth World, are actually more then what they seem? Only at very specific times, places or under very special circumstances?

    Boregal – Bad Dreams (Prop for GMs running Beale of Boregal)


    Random phrases that worked very well for my players, put questions in their mind (literally) and was far more effective than trying to come up with material on the fly. As usual, preparation is key. I used these in snippets dispersed throughout the encounter with Boregal. Please feel free to use and modify this as you will.