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    Beal of Boregal adventure


    So out party started out with the first adventure from the core book and it was great. It was the first time for me gming for Numenera, but the game was a lot of fun. My characters started out somewhat apprehensive due to not knowing a lot of what was going on but after a few laughs and getting into the plot things went from their.

    Highlights were the gm intrusions. I had one character who howls at the moon and just keeping him from getting to his fellow team mates was part of the fun. I used the broken hounds as a gm intrusion in which all of them focused their attacks on him in order to find the alpha male in their midst. It was fun to see the character go " what the heck, why are all the hounds attacking him/ me" once he showed he was the alpha they disbanded. I used a pack of 14 hounds to go after the pc in the encounter and had them focus on him due to his focus which was a lot of fun.

    Most in the group of 4 were new to role playing and the gm intrusions were a lot of fun. They made the story for the most part!!! beyond that it took a while for the pc characters to figure out and gel with the over all plot of the adventure but they got their with a bit of hand leading. I used quite a bit of in character parts to get the individual characters to lead the group to the Embered peaks but we got their in about 5 hours. Not bad for a newby group of players! I was figuring about 4 hours but with a lot of laughs and joking we made it. Out of all the choices made the one that was most interesting was the few remaining characters chose to leave Devoir Yieran in the custody of Chahil to await punishment from the Angulian knight Illian from the book to await punishment for the deaths of the Devoirs in Embered peaks but spared Boregal and kept him in a glass jar with the promise of future tales and experiences the pc's had for help in the future. They sided with Boregal as the victim in the adventure and felt the risk of keeping him around was worth the trouble he could cause with his promise to not consciously effect the world around him.The group also helped both Patel and Seria due to the Nano healing everyone in the village and helping Seria due to the Synth garden encounter.

    Overall it was more then I could have expected with such a diverse group. 2 players as well as myself are in law enforcement and the others in the private sector, so you have a broad group of backgrounds to deal with,. but it was crazy to see how they each approached the encounters differently. My brother the Nano who works miracles who is law enforcement went around healing people while my friend who is a stay at home dad was looking to break things. Such a good time and role playing brings out the best in all.

    I thought for sure they would go to hacking their way to Boregal but it seems the group wanted to understand his plight and seek to help him with the promise of giving him a glimps of the world he had lost long ago. That really was a surprise. I was overall really happy with the outcome. For me it is really hard to guess what the players will like in a given adventure especially in a new system, but all had a blast.

    If I would make any changes or recommendations for others playing through this adventure I would say this:

    Make the players in a new group tell you what their characters are thinking while they are doing any choices. I had one of my Nano's use the push estroy on the false wood just to see what would happen. Which caused a group of Scrutomorphs attack them. This obviously was a silly move but the Scrutomorphs were quite a challenge for the group due to their armor. Everyone in the group wanted to smack the nano for causing the Scrutomorphs to attack without cause. It was fun for me because it was a silly thing to due in a newby group but fun none the less.

    Second a character who howls at the moon is a challenge to his team mates. a rampaging wherecreature is not something to be taken lightly. Still a lot of fun having him attack his team mates, which they all became very conscious of in the future. Like time him up for the night in rope and bury him under rocks. Very hilarious!!!!

    Lastly.....really play up the plight of Boregal. He is the cause of the problem in the region but not necessarily the villain. I think the mad Yieran is more of the villain considering he was the cause of the death of the leaders in town. Boregal was the means to cause it. Just my opinion but it was fun playing his mad character against the more sane Boregal once the players were able to reach him.

    Such a fun trip into the ninth world



    3 main stats


    Can anyone explain how you get your stat pools? Are they base line for everyone and then get bumped up based off of class or is it a point bur system or dice rolling system?Thanks