Dual wield foci and combat abilities question

Having a disagreement with how Dual wielding and Combat abilities work. They are saying that dual wield and combat abilities do not work together.  My friend thinks.

"its not that the combat abilities don't modify your attacks, its that dual attacking is also an action so you can't do both like if dual wield attacking isn't an action its an enabler you can do infinite per turn but you can't, because you attack with it as an action"

I think it works like this

ok so Pirce say's This is a wellaimed,penetrating ranged attack. You make an attack and inflict 1 additional point of damage

okay so i use my action and make an attack

well my dual wield skill says i can make two attack as one action

this is whenever i attack

it does not cost me anything to do this

as it is Enabler.

so i make my two attacks and they each 3 (2+1)

Here is discriptions from book Dual Light Wield. You can use two light weapons at the same time, making two separate attacks on your turn as a single action. You remain limited by the amount of Effort you can apply on one action, but because you make separate attacks, your opponent’s Armor applies to both. Anything that modifies your attack or damage applies to both attacks, unless it’s specifically tied to one of the weapons. Enabler.

Pierce (1 Speed point): This is a wellaimed, penetrating ranged attack. You make an attack and inflict 1 additional point of damage if your weapon has a sharp point. Action.



  • Hmm. My thoughts are that you are correct and your friend is wrong. However, your example is confusing. Pierce applies to ranged attacks and Dual Light Wielding applies to melee attacks. It is Thrust which applies here.

    Ok, I have Dual Light Wielding and Thrust and I am attacking a creature.

    The Action is Attack.

    The Enabler is that I can use both of my light weapons to attack in the same Action. 

    I also use Effort (Might) to do extra damage, which applies to both attacks (as they are one Action)

    I also use Thrust, which again applies to both weapons (Action listed after the ability is a reminder that it has to be used as part of another Action, in this case Attack)

    Finally, I roll twice, to make two separate attacks. Both attacks lower the difficulty by 1 step (as they are light weapons); if each attack hits then it does 2 (weapon) +1 (Thrust) +3 (extra damage) = 6 damage, from which the target subtracts Armour as usual.

    Does this make me a powerful fighter? Yes it does – but this is my Focus. I’m supposed to be a kick-ass fighter at this sort of thing.

  • I can see how Dual Wield could be deceiving but if each attack were separate and thus the second attack was like a bonus action, You would invite GM Intrusions at twice the rate.  Now you hit or do not.  If you hit you double attacks from both weapons.  I like that.  Simple.  I can see how some may prefer to play it as a second roll-able action though. 
  • At Tier 1, according to the description, it is handled as two attacks. At Tier 2 it is a single attack roll with potentially extra damage
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