Combining glaive moves

Hi guys, I have a question. A 3rd tier glaive has:
Successive Attack (2 Speed points): If you take down a foe, you can immediately make another attack on that same turn against a new foe within your reach. The second attack is part of the same action. You can use this fighting move with melee attacks and ranged attacks. Enabler.

Mighty Blow (2 Might points): You strike two foes with a single blow. Make separate attack rolls for each foe, but both attacks count as a single action in a single round. You remain limited by the amount of Effort you can apply on one action. Anything that modifies your attack or damage applies to both of these attacks. Action.

Since one is enabler, another action, are they cumulative. I.E. the glaive, wielding a great sword fights 4 lvl 2 foes. Assuming all mighty blows attacks hit, can he kill all 4 enemies in one round? What is the order here:
1. 1st MB attack, hits, the foe is killed
2. Successesive attack
3. 2nd MB attack
4. successive attack
.. ad nauseum

he can only make one successive attack per turn, and combining with might blow, 3 total ?


  • I would say one Successive Attack per turn. so the 3 total attacks. And that only works if you are actually killing one of the foes with Mighty Blow in that round. I think the rule is; you can only spend your Might/Speed/Intellect points once per action. Granted it's an If/Then kind of statement: "I'm going to spend the Might Points for Mighty Blow. If I kill one of these guys then I'd like to use Successive Attack too" and since it is an enabler ability you could allow the player to spend the Speed Points in the same action. But not for two Successive Attacks. Each time the Successive Attack is used the Player needs to spend the Speed points, and (If I'm right) he's already done that once that action so he cannot do it again.
    Now, I could not find that rule in the text to support that decision, but I wasn't looking all that hard either. So take it as opinion, rather than gospel.
    Another reason not to allow it would be the Fun. If the Glaive is only one able to attack, and kill the foes in that combat situation then where is the fun for the other players. Every player like to chuck the dice and over come their adversaries. Even if the suck at it that night. If they are denied that, then they are having that much less fun at the table.
    Think of the movie and TV show fights where the spunky-but-less-able character is standing on the sidelines while the fight is happening around them, so they pick up the heavy object and bash the foes on the head as they go by. The battle-hardened physical type character will always look Super cool taking out three or four badguys at a time but the battle-hardened character always leads one of the foes into the spunky one's range so they have can have their "I Helped!" moment. Allowing the Glaive to spend all their points just cutting through the enemy in one round denies the others their "I Helped!" moments. Hope that helps.
  • Yeah, after a discussion we also concluded that it's 3 attacks max. But, I was a little scared for a moment, for the reasons you mention!
    If only now most of nano's esoteries were clarified. Sadly, it seems (also by looking at the forums here) that the game is not as supported as some other publications :(
  • According to some of the others on here, the Numenera group on Reddit is much more active and bigger and so on. I don't know, I haven't been on there. I don't believe that MCG is quite big enough to warrant having a social media department. This forum is monitored as best they can in-between parts of their day jobs. The forum is also attacked by bots and scammers often enough that it scares a lot of potential users off.
    It took a lot on convincing from my wife for me to even start coming on here. I like it, but the idea of going on to Reddit, Facebook or even Twitter scares me. I do know that the MCG writers have a larger presence on those than on here.
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