What supplements are a must have?

I'm really interested in the Cypher cards. Has anyone gotten them printed out from Drivethru?


  • A list of must have supplements:

    1. The Ninth World Bestiary- A must have for GMs. When the strange and crazy monsters from the corebook just wont cut it, the bestiary will give a great helping hand. In fact, The Latos inspired the adventure I am running currently.

    2. The Character Options Book- For players that want more options, this sucker makes it so there are around 7000 possible unique character builds, not including the different mutations.

    3. Players Guide- It is good to have multiple copies of books around the table for quick look-ups. Instead of having a bunch of corebooks (which is perfectly fine) you can instead purchase the cheaper Players Guide, which contains all corebook Descriptors, Foci, Types, powers, and items (not the Numenera).

    4. Depending on weather you/your GM wants to run pre-gen adventures the "Devils Spine", "Vortex", and the newly released "Beyond All Worlds" adventure supplements are optional. 

    I am just a huge fan of the game, so I pick up all the books and PDFs when they are released.

    In regards to the Cyper Deck, or XP Deck for that matter, I have the PDFs but have not used them. Maybe once the players start running out of room Ill pick up the Cypher Deck so they wont have to write it all down.
  • If you're just starting out, you don't need anything but the corebook. Other books are extremely useful, but I wouldn't say any of them are 'essential.'
  • I've had four sessions now with my new group, and the only books I've been using are the core book and the pdf adventure "vortex"; and really, the corebook has enough adventures to keep you going for 5-10 sessions, and enough setting material to improvise far beyond that. I own all of the other stuff, and it's cool and a nice read, but I would assume you can play Numenera out of the core book for a long, long time.
  • I answered this question in great detail inepisode 30 of GM Intrusions.  I reviewed the Cypher Deck in episode 8.
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    I love using cards for cyphers and xp. Makes the game go faster.
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