Nano Advancement vs. Glaive/Jack

At Tier 2, Glaives get a new weapon training and a new Fighting Move. Jacks get a skill and a new Trick of the Trade. Nanos only get a new Esotery. Is there a reason for this disparity?


  • Nanos start with an extra cypher slot and advance at the same rate as the other types, so a nano will always be able to carry one more cypher than a jack or a glaive. My guess is that this extra cypher takes the place of weapon training or a new skill since a cypher can potentially be much more powerful than either of those.
  • also consider the capstone abilities that Nano's get compared to jacks, who only get up to maybe Tier4 nano abilities.

    Nanos get some intense powers and more cyphers. The other characters get some stuff each tier to balance that out.
  • I've always considered the "extra Cypher" the balancing aspect to not being proficient in armor and having only light weapons (compared to Jacks who get medium weapons and a 'floating skill'). I've never considered the 'Tier 1' abilities to be balancing against Tier 2+

  • True, nanos don't get access to the same kind of armor or weapons skills that jacks and glaives get. Cyphers and esoteries can be pretty powerful, though, and as ginsusamurai says nanos will always have access to esoteries at the same tier or earlier than jacks, so probably this ability to have more cyphers and better esoteries is what balances nanos against glaives and jacks. I'd say balance between types isn't too much of a concern in this game, though, as a character's focus will do a lot to mix things around outside of what you'd just get from your type.
  • Most of what we're seeing is that the Nano tends toward being able to pretty much break the rules of the world, while the others are good within constraints. The Nano specific skills frequently allow them to completely get around the constraints of a material and physics-constrained world, completely bypassing obstacles or challenges, while the glaive and the jack (though the jack has some obvious crossover)  are good at the here-and-now.

    That's not exactly 100% but the scope of utility offered by a Nano powers has been a pretty compelling balancing factor in our campaign.
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