Rewards and money

Is there anywhere in the book that talks about monetary rewards or payment for doing a job? If not, has anyone come up with a fair way of handling this so as not to throw the economy of the game all out the window?


  • It's not mentioned specifically, no, but there are some examples in the published adventures where an NPC will pay a PC to do something. I think anything in the realm of 1-10 (or even 1-20 shins) won't overbalance anything. I've seen in published adventures where the PCs will find as much as 3d6 shins from salvaging something (of course that goes to the group, not each player).

    The thing I would think about from an RP/world perspective is who's paying. If it's an official, merchant or noble, then a shin payment may be appropriate; but if it's a peasant, farmer, etc. then they'd probably be more likely to offer some good or service as payment--perhaps the farmer would offer some food, a hostetler may offer to stable the PCs' animals for free, etc. In the Shadewalker adventure the PCs are (because this is a small village and people aren't rich) offered 1 shin each, but also offered food and a pack animal.
  • I use shins and bits, 5 bits 10 bits are a shin, and some shins, particularly in Nevarra actually split into bits. I think this was from dark sun now that I am typing it. Also trade in odities and cyphers has happened alot in my game, the player would be offered a cypher as a reward usually i random roll it with a rough idea in mind of it's level/value.
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