Options of Character Advancement


I have a question about the "Other Options" of character advancement (p. 112).

How often is a a player allowed to take each of these? Once? Once per Tier? As often as he wants it?

I would allow them to take as many fighting moves/esoteries/tricks as they want, but the +2 to recovery roles seems to powerful if you could take it more than once. Is there an official statement I have not found yet?

Thanks in advance


  • They replace the skill advancement, so the character can take one once per tier.
  • Why do you think they replace only the skill advancement?

    The text is: "Players can also spend 4 XP to purchase other special options. Selecting any of these options counts as purchasing one of the four steps necessary to advance to the next tier"

    This reads for me that I could take up to four other options instead of the standard options to advance to a new tier.
    Thanks in advance
  • Page 24 of the corebook:  "Players can also spend 4 xp to purchase other options in lieu of gaining a new skill."

    There are unfortunately a few editorial errors in the book. The section on Experience in Chapter 8 omits the statement "in lieu of gaining a new skill". In cases like these, I go with the more descriptive/restrictive wording and assume the more general wording is an editorial oversight. This is unfortunate because one would assume the material in chapter 8 would/should be the most descriptive. This error (along with most of the others) are unfortunately perpetuated in The Strange corebook (copy+paste can bite you in the ass).

    Since the corebook is basically contradicting itself, you can, as GM, choose either option, but I try to do what I think the writers intended, and that's why I go with the more detailed/descriptive/restrictive entry. Also, someone from MCG (I don't remember who or where) said in the past that the other options were meant to replace the skill advancement. Letting your players replace the other advancements (effort, edge, pool) isn't advised because it will mess with how the characters' abilities scale through the game.
  • Thanks for this information.

    You say there are more Errors?  Is there a list of them anywhere?
  • Yea a list of rules like this would be great! Does it exist?
  • I'm going much broader for our campaign. Characters *may* trade out any of their advancement for alternate advancement options (though I strongly suggest that they think long and hard before eschewing Edge or Effort), and allow under limited circumstances purchase of lower tier abilities from other Types and Foci provided they fit the character, with limited availability of same-tier abilities for the Jack in our group. It's kind of off-the-cuff but it's working for us.
  • Many of the other options are pretty good to pick so the main reason to limit it is to help players not paint themselves in a gimmick corner that isn't even good.

    Effort and even moreso Edge is really good. Edge gives a discount on abilities and has near unlimited "charges", where Recovery is only so much more points per day and high recovery is very hard to use if you don't raise the  pools as you tier up.

    I myself would only replace skill and combat maneuvers to get Recovery instead.

    The risk is that you get tempted to replace skill every time and even if that may be strictly better in terms of "performance", skills can be character defining and fun to roleplay. I like to keep that in mind.
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