So thought since activity has been dying down, it's about time I submitted a question.

What would people be interested in for upcoming glimmers?


  • Every couple of months MCG releases a new Glimmer (a small pdf only release on a small topic). I was bored so I thought it might be good to get a brainstorming topic going about what people would like to get covered in future Glimmer releases. As far as I know MCG looks in on this site, so it would provide some insight into what players and GMs think would be good as a small glimmer.
  • That's a good question. I'm really not sure. Maybe I'm Glimmered out, because I can only think of Glimmers I wouldn't be interested in. :D

    I wouldn't be interested in another adventure Glimmer because I have plenty of adventures for Numenera and prefer to run my own adventures. I wouldn't be interested in another Cypher or Artifact Glimmer because Sir Arthour's Guide came out, so we have plenty of numenera. I'm also not interested in Glimmers that have numenera items or foci/descriptors in them. I've learned that those will be repeated in the published books, so I might as well wait for those. I also wouldn't be interested in a Glimmer on setting material, because that will be repeated in the World Guide. Does that help? :)

    We do know what the next two Glimmers will be. The next Glimmer will be another collection of short stories, and the one after that will be Into the Violet Vale, the Numenera adventure we ran at Gen Con.

    I suppose if they put out something like the Lovecraft Glimmer, that might be cool--some way to do something different with Numenera.
  • Anthony Martin, do you pay attention to the Numenera Fans Google+ Community page? There is a lot going on over there if you're craving more Numenera discussions. :)
  • We do know what the next two Glimmers will be.






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