Question - Who repairs stuff?

Hey all, I have a question. And probably and obvious one that I am missing.
But with Numenera being a sci-fantasy setting, who repairs armor that has tech? Those tracking locators you bought in the Steadfast, who makes them? Who repairs them if they get damaged?

I mean, how much fantasy(or even modern) elements cross over in a world where you are recovering lost super technology. Who creates/fixes ceramic armor?

Am I overthinking this?

If we have a character with cybernetic limbs or organs or anything not organic, short of making it an adventure itself, how do they get repaired? Are we to just assume that perhaps the character just "knows how" or that they have nanites that auto repair? I guess that idea was the thought that started this. I see all these amazing pieces of art with characters carrying or using fantastic armor, gear, weapons and I kept thinking... ok in X game they would go to an armorsmith or a blacksmith to get these repaired, enhanced - whatever. And now... I'm stumped.

Help me understand what I'm missing, Ninth World!


  • There are four different categories of numenera according to the core book:

    1) Scavenged - stuff found
    2) Cobbled - stuff wired together haphazardly
    3) Bonded - stuff skilfully combined with other stuff
    4) Fashioned - new stuff made from scratch

    Scavenged is Common, Cobbled Uncommon, Bonded Rare and Fashioned Unique.

    As to who can actually repair these items, answer is not many. When numenera breaks that’s usually the end of it, you sell the parts for shins and go find another device. Towns and larger settlements might have a few skilled souls who know how to patch together Cobbled or Bonded numenera, but you'd need to visit an Aeon Priest or Jagged Dream agent to truly fix a broken Scavenged or Fashioned artifact.

    If you want a house rule, I'd hazard that a Nano or Jack has enough knowhow to tape together numenera they have identified. Repair task with the difficulty set at the items level, roll on the Artifact quirk or Cypher hazard table if they screw up.

    If the character has Fuses Flesh with Steel or something similar I'd take it as wrote that they can use the Repair skill to fix up pool damage. If a character gets landed with cybernetic parts after creation, then its dependant on the character whether they know how to fix them or not. If not, the enhancement becomes as much a curse and a blessing.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    But I'm not really thinking about Numenera, but tech in general. If I pick up a vibro sword or some type of pulse rifle, would you as a GM assume that either I or someone, say in the Steadfast, would know how to repair it.
    Would this fall more in the purview of an Aeon Priest?
  • Vibro Sword and a Pulse Rifle would be Numenera.

    Anything that rises above a medieval level of technology in the Ninth World is considered Numenera as far as I gather.

    If your vibro sword runs out of 'magic' then you might be able to figure out how to recharge it with a task roll and the right gear/esotery/foci.

    If your vibro sword snaps in half, your out of luck unless you know an Aeon Priest who knows about advanced metallurgy and prior world weapons.
  • Think of it from a high fantasy standpoint.

    If your Fireball wand runs out of charges, someone with a bit of magical knowhow might be able to charge it up again.

    If your Fireball wand gets broken, you’d need a high level Wizard or Artificer with Craft Wand to get it back in working order.
  • TT, thanks again.
    And I think that may be what I was just not "grokking".
    So from that standpoint, it makes sense. And options for adventures.

    Thanks for your answers and patience.
    Have a great weekend!
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