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I have just run my first Numenera-game and noticed the rewards of the first official story gave no shins at all. My players wanted some money for influence on the kingdoms and as the book mentions that chypers can be bought and sold I decided to allow them to sell some. I didn't find any reference of their price, though.

Could someone point me to the right place or if there is no such info give me some ideas of their price and other kinds of shin rewards.

I priced them pretty low, 5shin per level for chypers, 10 for artefacts.

Thank you!


  • I let mine negotiate.  I do about 5 shins for a cypher too, artifacts are substantially more.  Think about it this way, an artifact does a pretty similar thing to a cypher, but a 1D10 discharge artifact has at least 5-7 uses (statistically speaking) whereas a cypher has 1, so a 1D10 discharge artifact would arguably be 5 to 7X price.  Plus there is demand as well; if you're selling in a small village perhaps a detonation cypher would be useless, but something that say provided anti-gravity that could carry a heavy load and increase farming efficiency would be worth a lot more to them.

    Shins can also be salvaged in theory; there's some description in the book on how to incorporate that.  But yeah, if you fight monsters you likely won't find any; if you fight people you likely will.  Most of the fights in the first mission are monsters. 
  • I just developed this, so it probably needs a little more tweaking

    Take into the consideration who is buying, whether its a Farmer, local tradeshop, well-traveled merchant, a collector or a lord. Each will have their own respective values of certain items.

    For groundwork, you could value an item based on its total number of uses, say 5shins per use (since 5 shins seems to be the popular baseline). Then to make it unique, you could apply a percieved-value modifier to the 5-shin baseline. 

    • Rare uses for this item -2/-3 shins

    • Uncommon uses -1/-2 shin

    • useful here and there +0

    • more useful applications +1/+2 shins

    • Very Useful +2/+3 shins

    Say a player wishes to sell an artifact (with 5 uses) to a village currently excavating a ruin
    Percieved value of the artifact would be More useful
    Artifact 5 charges remaining that has More-useful uses = 5x(5+2) = 35 shins

    If players want to try convince the merchant that the artifact (as listed above) is worth more, he will roll a convince roll to sway the buyer

    to move the perceptive value of the item would be the below
    1 step could be a difficulty 4
    2 steps could be difficulty 6
    3 steps could be difficulty 7
    4 steps could be difficulty 8
  • Very informative, thank you!! Gave me even more trust to mu judgement :)
  • I got the impression that numenera were not all that easy to come by, yet the prices mentioned above are not much more than the price of common goods. An explorer's pack is 20 shins, a book can be up to 20 shins, and a crossbow is 10 shins. Many cyphers are permenant, imparting knowledge or a physical improvement, or are one-use but powerful such as a singularity detonation. I'd imagine these would sell for quite a bit of money, probably several hundred shins in a large city. A cypher that simply did something helpful, like a instant shelter or fireproofing spray might sell for much less, but weapons and armor, I would think, would sell for premium prices, if you found the right buyers.
  • I tend to work with:
    Anoetic Cypher = 25 shins per level
    Occultic Cypher = 50 shins per level
    Artifact = 75 shins per level
    [remember, oddities can go for between 10 and 50 shins]

    With a number of previsos, mainly that the Neuron Disruptor, Demonsphere, Mass Destructor, Mystery Box, Doomsday Device, Time Machine, Hand of Annihilaton and Earth Caller are literaly priceless to certain power groups. (not to mention a death sentence, considering those sorts of people dont tend to ask nicely)
  • I've decided to go with a bit steeper cost for numenera.

    Anoetic Cypher = 50 shins per level
    Occultic Cypher = 125 shins per level
    Artifact = 500 shins per level

    These prices aren't set in stone. A level 6 ray emitter is going to much cost more than a level 6 water breather, especially since there is no practical difference between a level 1 water breather and a level 6 water breather, but there is a significant difference between a level 3 ray emitter and a level 6 ray emitter.

    I think I would treat all water breathers (for example) as level 3 anoetic cyphers when determining price. On the other hand, I think I will treat all ray emitters (for example) as occultic cyphers when determining their price.

    And of course, if an item is a one-time only use or can be re-used multiple times or is a permanent item will cause the price to vary, though I haven't decided how much.
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