First time player - Melee Nano?

So Im a first time player just starting to design my first character in Numenera and Im wondering, how hard is it to make a melee Nano? Im still learning rules as I investigate matters.  Might seems important to take more damage, but speed seems pretty key too- especially if I do 'who murders" to obtain sneak attack. What are the best melee options if I want to use "magic" to enhance my own prowess in combat? "Strong Nano who Murders"? "who masters weapons"?

I appreciate any and all advice, and I am super excited to play Numenera!

{edit} Forgot to mention we are only using the core book as we have no other books yet

(forgive me if this is the wrong forum for this thread)


  • My two pennyworth:

    If you want a close-up, hand-to-hand nano, I thoroughly recommend getting the Character Options book, if only for the ability to make a Tough Nano Who Needs No Weapons - with the Far Step (essentially long-distance teleportation) and Sculpt Flesh (shape hands/teeth into more effective combat weapons) esoteries, you can feasibly leap into hand-to-hand combat doing 6 damage, with 2 Armour - though it'll cost you a bit of Intellect.

    Though really, the best bit about this build is the 'powering-up' scene:

    NPC 1: "What's that nano doing waaaaay over there?"
    [burst of energy as nanites reshape matter around the nano]
    NPC 2: "Odd. What's that in his/her hands?"
    [flash of energy - nano suddenly standing right nearby]
    NPC 2: "Oh. Crap."


    In terms of the core book, the Tough descriptor is still a good choice (that +1 armour is handy for a nano)

    If you want to have the flavour of enhancing attacking prowess through strange 'magical' techniques, the 'Focuses Mind over Matter' focus is a pretty good one - several of the Focus abilities lend themselves to use in combat; you'll be able to activate Speed Defense at no cost right off the bat with your Intellect edge.

    Plus your ordinary esoteries won't need a free hand, which is always a bonus if you are wielding weapons and want to get in a quick Push or something similar. Push and Ward would make a good combination for starting-out esoteries here.

    Otherwise 'Fuses Flesh and Steel' will give you additional armour, and some extra points for your Might and Speed pools - useful if you see your nano as more of a physical sort - but perhaps a bit of different 'feel' for the character than you intended?
  • Nice one! Tough Nano Who Needs No Weapons sounds interesting, and pretty kickass.
  • It's a mystic monk!

    Leap massive distances, 1 armor from Tough, 1 armor from Ward esotery, 1 armor from focus.

    If you swap out Tough for Diruk (+3 armor) you can get 5 Armor from the start. You are a beast of a meat shield while still a full caster. This is a character I really want to play.

    Slow, plodding, Wrecking Ball for a fist and able to sort out most puzzles and issues given some time. Little "off" when talking to people but make up for it by being Groot. Well, stone Groot.

    Just need to avoid water or ledges that can't support much weight.
  • I like that build also Mark :)

  • If you added Mutant to that build you could gain 2 beneficial mutations, which would give you more than 1 natural armor and also add to either your speed or might pool.  You can also choose some cosmetic mutations to make your character look cooler :)

  • Yeah, but aren't mutations supposed to be randomly generated?
  • Hey! Thanks all for the responses, and the nano you mentioned sounds pretty sweet- if we get that book ;) I really like the sound of a Mystic monk like that, would be pretty darn sweet. Thanks for taking the time to come up with that!

    Since this is my first go and I have the tendency to think about ALL my options before settling on a character, Ive started looking into a dual dart thrower build, but with just core it is a bit tough. Thinking a tough jack who masters a weapon might be nice for the keystone lev 5 and 6 (not level but...tier? I forget the term) abilities of damage increase and straight killing of low level things if i hit them. Ive played a Starbuck type character before, but Ive been watching Falling Skies and there is a character there that I love, Maggie May, a dual pistol wielding tough girl that has beaten everything from cancer to aliens. She is good with a rifle but better with her matching pistols. I know that there arent really guns per se in NMR (my shortcut for NuMeneRa) and I know that "wields two weapons" in melee only, but I am intrigued by a dart throwing build right now.

    ~Needs to be tough, and accurate

    ~One gun instead of dual wield is OK, but I want to flavor something to be a second gun if needed, say when I roll a 20 I can draw and fire both guns

    ~speed isnt too too important, but scouting is.

    ~I have no problem with a nanite connection, because she (SPOILER ALERT DO NOT READ FARTHER IF YOU CARE) recently had alien dna and strength and speed incorporated into her body.

    A Tough Jack who Fuses flesh and steel? For extra "gun" damage I like "who masters a weapon" and also because it grants a nice version of that weapon,.


    Im kind of all over the place right now haha! sorry!

  • If you guys need access to a trove of descriptors and foci visit I contribute heavily to the site and so do many others. It's an awesome place that has actually teamed up with the to make it easier for everyone to communicate. So go check out my conversion of the carries a quiver focus for guns if you want
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