A few questions after our first game.

Hey all,

We played our first game the other night and really enjoyed the system. We struggled to find some details on a few specific events. Sorry if these questions have already been asked. I've been browsing through the forums and already found some great info.

Shield? What is the benefit of a shield? I would guess it would reduce the difficulty of being attacked by 1 step, which seems quite powerful. Would a +1 or +2 bonus to the dice roll be more appropriate?


One of our players is a mutant, which replaces your Character Focus, right? So now how would a mutant's powers increase with each tier, like the Character Focus' do?

Once again, sorry if these questions have already been answered, or an in the book. There's a lot to read in that book!

Cheers! :)




  • Congratulations on your first game. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    A shield does indeed count as an asset for Speed defence tasks, reducing the difficulty by one step. From my experience this works well, is not too powerful, and more in keeping with the spirit of the system than adding +1 or +2 to a roll.

    Being a mutant replaces your Descriptor, not your Focus. For example, you would be a mutant glaive who rides the lightning or a mutant jack who carries a quiver.
  • Brilliant, thanks for the feedback! Someone is going to have to recreate their character... heh heh...
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