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So, I've been wondering lately, what lies beyond the map in Numenera.  It's very clear that there is more land both north and east of the map.  There is also beyond the ice wall in the south.  While there have been hints about things that may lay beyond the map, there are few and vague.

What do you think lies beyond the map?  What strange unknown lands lies beyond the known world, and why are they so unknown.  What kinds of environments would you find if you travelled to these lands?


  • Looking at the existing map, it looks like temperature gets warmer the farther north you go. The ice wall and Cold Desert are to the south. The Caecilian jungle and hot, arid areas lie to the north.

    This would seem to indicate that the Steadfast lies mostly south of the equator, although with terraforming, etc. who knows.
  • Either that, or there's something at the south end of the Cold Desert generating immense cold. Wasn't there a bit of fiction or art someone wrote about there being something in the Southern Wall?
  • The South wall is definitely artificial.  It basically says that in the book.  It also mentions something about a city hidden beyond the south wall, and there's also a keep on the map in the core book.  It's entirely possible that the south wall is actually a divider and there's a whole continent beyond it.  I do agree that the temperature goes up as you head north.  I definitely think there are some large desert areas up there, probably laying between the Steadfast and whatever else is up there.  I figure that this is the main reason why there's no cartography of that area.  I also imagine that there are numerous volcanoes up there, as there is a surprising lack of them in the known world.  Obviously, the Gaians are up there, but I wonder what their civilization is really like.  The Aeon Priests are starting a war with them, claiming religious differences.  This seems to be a front for peacekeeping in the Steadfast, though.  Are the Gaians really a serious threat to the Steadfast, and the aeon priesthood?  Are they some strange alien or mutant race, or are they simply other people with a different culture?  Are there cities hidden beyond the map?  Are they great and powerful cities that even the Aeon Priests would envy and fear?  What strange environments do they hail from and what effect, if any, does that have on them?  Let me know what you think.
  • With the Guidebook out, it becomes clear that there is a LOT more to visit.
  • Yeah, a few things are clear from the Guidebook:
    - Clearly Earth was terraformed, and the dry landmasses were combined
    - The resulting landmass is massive. Like, hard to even think about, big
    - Virtually anything you can come up with, you can find a spot for

    Some thoughts. I'd love to see a scale projection of the Guidebook map on a globe, because in my head, given the size, I'm basically envisioning a massive tropical belt ends, with desert in the middle, with temperate zones above and below, meadows, fields, finally yielding into tundra. Weather patterns would be strange to say the least with a single landmass since weather systems would lose a lot of energy moving across it.

    Since the land has clearly been engineered, things like mountain ranges, valleys, and rivers would likely be much less randomly laid out (though time would have had at least some effect on those things).

    I was actually really glad with how much material the Guidebook introduced, but how it felt like such a small percentage of what could ultimately be.
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    Someone on the G+ community did wrap the big map around a globe. Among other things, it showed that Earth is also bigger.
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