So could a weapon be used as a asset in speed defense? I was reading through the equipment and I found this

Verred: This weapon resembles a sword with two forked blades. It is short and useful in defense as well as offense.

It seems to say that the Verred is used both in offense and defense? So I would assume it would be an asset for Speed Defense. So could a board sword be used to parry? It seems maybe medium weapons would make sense...




  • The corebook describes Speed defenses as anything from dodging out of the way to ducking behind cover to parrying an attack, so certainly any weapon could be used to parry. However, I'm not sure a sword would be an asset to Speed defense. A shield is specifically designed to block attacks, so it makes sense for it to be an asset, but I'm not sure a sword should count as a Speed defense asset unless you do something like use your action to ready your weapon defensively in order to block attacks better (i.e. give up your attack for one turn in order to make yourself harder to hit for that turn).
  • Yeah, I don't think it would be an asset, it's just part of your speed defense action. It's actually a lot smarter to dodge an attack than try to parry it.
  • Maybe not an asset but a +1 on the defense roll, if it is a weapon such as a verred or a main-gauche that is specifically designed to aid in parrying.
  • The +1 option would make sense to me for a weapon with a description that specifically mentions defense.
  • hmmmm I agree it seemed weird to me that it could be used for defense. The wording of the weapon and I think then player was trying to stretch it into an asset. OK thanks makes sense...I most likely not give a +1 bonus...since it seems that every weapon could be used this way and is already factored in...Thanks for the replies
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