A Challenge: "Green Lantern" in Numenera?

Because, heck...why not?

Intergalactic police force using ridiculously powerful nanotech rings which focus will and imagination into Hard Light Constructs, but which require recharging via small batteries daily, and get their power feed from light-epochs away.

Sounds like a good Weird fit to me!

Seeing the "solid light emitter" tool used by an NPC on p. 45 of the Core Book really got me thinking about leftover Artifacts of a Green Lantern nature. Or, for that matter, any of the other ROYGBIV (and White and Black) lanterns they've come up with over the years.

Obviously, the full range of Lantern/Ring powers in the hands of a Tier 1 character is a bit much.  However, there's a ton of potential there nonetheless.  Especially if the ring in question is damaged or insane (they're governed by an AI). Then there's the question of the Lantern Battery's remaining charge...and whether the primary Battery so very far away is still active and sending any power.

All that aside, as it's very much in the hands of the GM, I suppose my primary question would be how to work Hard Light Constructs w/in the Cypher system.

They're essentially 'anything'.  Tools. Weapons. People. Buildings. Blasts of pure power. Whatever.

How would YOU create such an Artifact?



  • Not totally familiar with the details of the green lantern beyond the gist of it.

    But, maybe you just give the ring artifact a level, and whatever energy construct the player can dream up, (maybe within a certain size limit) becomes a solid object at that level.

    Need a barrier? The level 5 ring creates a level 5 wall. Attack? It does 5 damage.

    The biggest problem then would be depletion. It's hard to feel like a superhero when your powers might go away on a 1 in d20, but probably necessary to keep things interesting. I also like the idea that the AI in the ring is unstable. Sounds like a great use of a GMI. "The insane AI in your power ring creates a school of glowing fish instead of a sword. They pucker their tiny mouths against the metal skin of the rampaging automaton."
  • Make a focus out of it. That way they can start out low-power at lower tiers, then ramp up as they gain experience.
  • I've had a player ask about a speedster. I'm waiting to see if the Cypher System Rulebook addresses that archetype, but mulling over "Moves at a blur" as a focus.
  • Another idea would be to take the next logical "Numenera" approach, which would be a Post-Green Lantern world. What happens when their tech is left after being destroyed eons ago by a more powerful force? The rings are artifacts, and in some cases just powerful cyphers. Decendants of some Lanterns remain as a focus for abilities.
  • The DC multiverse has lived, died, and reset enough times to qualify as a World of its own, and maybe more than one...

    The Rings, regardless of color, are multi-powered extensions of the will of the user ("will" only being capitalized when it comes to green lanterns). Life support, flight, weaponry, telekinesis, language translation, and that's just the short list.

    The simplest way to do this is to use a Focus, say "Bears a Lantern of Power", that imbues a Nano's esoteries (and the equivalent Jack Tricks) with a "fields of force" elemental type, and provides the usual list of Lantern tricks spread across the Tiers. The assumption is that, back in their time, the Corps didn't let a new Lantern loose on the universe until he was at least Tier Three.
    This approach makes the Ring itself just another part of the character's gear, albeit an important one. In the typically loose interpretation of Numenera, this is as close as you need to get. It also assumes a level of commitment, given that most of the Rings take considerable training to use well.

    As an Artifact, a Ring/Lantern pair takes a lot of write-up to explain and use, which goes against the system's grain, IMO.
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