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Its unclear in the corebook how the attacks while in beast form works. It says that you attack any and everyone within short range, does it means that the player roll a dice once and if affects everyone within that range as if it was wielding a short range weapon. It seems weird to me that a werewolf can reach that far with claws but maybe im missunderstanding the focus.

How do you  do it? do you roll once of many times and the dmg you inflict is influenced bye the weapon you are wielding or is it independen,

Thank you!


  • My reading of the core book's statement is that they will attack anyone that they sense within short range of them. They are most likely moving to attack anyone that they sense. Think of it as a form of being insane, in that they can't tell friend from foe and just try and kill anyone that they sense.
    As to the damage I would let them use a hand weapon, but they are not likely to use weapons that attack at range even if they have an esotery that attacks at range I would feel that they would not think to use it.
  • I agree it is not an attack enabling power, but a game effect so that the were would flip out and attack anyone in short range.  I don't allow the use of this focus, but if I did it would be light weapon damage, but with a boost to hit, maybe.


  • The entire Howls at the Moon focus is miswritten and/or poorly designed.

    If it's supposed to be that the character transforms into some kind of beast, a lycanthrope, or were-wolf/tiger/bear/animal of choice.  Then where are the claw attacks, the bite attck, the Scent ability to smell out your prey, or regeneration against all damage types except silver, or the ability to infect another person.  See what I mean?  It totally misses it's mark, if that was the theme they were going for.

    NOW, if you were saying that the change isn't a physical one but a mental one (like an alternate version of the Rages focus), that the PC with the focus becomes a luna-tic, THEN the tiered abilities make more thematical sense. Then I'd say that he could and would use any weapon, melee or ranged or esotery, at his disposal, whatever it takes to bring down his "prey".  He's still capable, indeed eager, to use whatever combat related skills and or abilities against his target. And indeed if somone had wanted or would want to have that focus that's how I'd fix it.

    But to answer Franco's original question, I agree with Ben. It's not that the PC gets one attack agains everyone within Short range.  It's that the PC will try to attack someone, anyone, friend or foe, that the PC can sense out to Short range, and will probably go after which ever someone is closest.

    That does make me wonder how to make an "Werewolf" focus that was thematically correct.

    Tier 1 - Claws and/or Bite that does 6 points of slicing damage due to super-human strength and sharpness of claws/bite. Can still only make one attack, but if say the PC's hand were bound, it still has the option of a nasty bite attack.

    Tier 2 - Scent mutation and can see everything as brightly lit, except for in total darkness.

    Tier 3 - Can move a short distance and attack. +1 to initiative

    Tier 4 - Regenerates one point of damage per round while in beast form unless damage was done by a silver weapon.

    Tier 5 - can possibly infect someone with a bite or claw attack

    Tier 6 - Bonuses to Might and/or Speed Pool and/or Might and/or Speed Edges.

    Something like that.
  • Looking over the Focus in question, it actually seems that you would determine how your beast form fights when you create your character. The initial description of the Focus, say to work with the GM to develop the creature that you will turn into. It would seem to be best to treat it as still possessing your physical combat abilities(within reason). Nano would make a terrible "Howler", but a Glaive could eventually become a Juggernaut.

    Also it says that your character isn't necessarily a lycanthrope at all. You could instead have a psychic rapport with an Ultra-dimensional who you switch places with when the "transformation" takes place. You need to remember that the "rules" are actually just recommendations. Numenara is infinitely expandable and mutable, as long as you adhere to the "flow of a round rules", it's still Numenera. Unless it's The Strange, but that would currently require time travel, and I'm not touching that one.
  • "it's still Numenera. Unless it's The Strange"

    Think Myst. Link books certainly seem within the realm of a past World's abilities.

    Howls at the Moon has been in play in our group, and been largely useless to the player since the time passage isn't that fast. He's spent more time reminding the others that his "problem" is so many days away, then "so-many-minus-one", etc. In effect, he is a character without a Focus. We've discussed a Focus rewrite or an in-game event that would remove the condition completely.
  • I use a real calendar to determine when the (real) full moon is in relation to our Games night. The, for two days either side of this, there is a chance the PC transforms. If the Games night IS the night of the full moon then he WILL transform. It has worked so far and adds a little randomness, plus removes the need to keep a detailed calendar (as my players don't really care much about it anyway)
  • I have discussed that focus and the possibility of playing an ever changing mutant with one of my players and we concluded that there are some options better suited for a very focused two player campain.
    I like brasses idea of making the change a trivialiy but its still numenera, right. What other influences could force the change. If a classical werewolf is scary and gross, what of a numenera werewolf with tentacles and psy-powers.
    Thats all nice and good but it takes a lot of time and preparation so i think its not suited for a standart group.
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