RPG Camp

I'm planning on running an RPG camp this summer as an outgrowth of my homeschool RPG club that I run during the year.  I'm running two 1 week long camps for teens at the end of July and will be using Numenera for at least one of them (I'm hoping to get the same kids in both groups so we can run a longer campaign, but we'll see.)  I'm looking at 4 hours per day for 5 days, so I'll have a total of about 20 hours of gaming time each week.

For those who have run The Devil's Spine, will I be able to make the adventure fit in the above time frame?  Are there other published adventures, or combinations of adventures that I can link into a short campaign.  I suspect that I won't have a lot of time (or energy?) to plan my own adventures during those weeks.


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