Biomechanical Graft Artifacts

Hello all, I am currently planning my first adventure in Numenera. The theme of which is involves a group involved in creating and growing biotechnological Numenera symbiotes for biological improvement of existing species (inducing humans). As such I felt a different artifact table would be appropriate! So far I have what’s bellow but only six options felt like not enough so I created four more. I was hoping to get your people’s opinions on it and see if you all had any of your own ideas to share along this theme!

1. Armored Flesh – page (pg) 100
2. Brain Bud – pg 302
3. Metabolism Bud – pg 307
4. Skill Bud – pg 311
5. Tendril Graft – pg 312
6. Weapon Graft – pg 313

7. Muscle wires
Level: 1d6
Form: A tight ball of red fibers that once placed on the spine of a living host unwind and dig into the flesh.
Effect: The red fibers grow through the hosts muscle tissues and internal organs adding additional strength and stamina. This grants the host a +5 bonus to maximum might pool.
Depletion: -

8. Multifunction assistant graft.
Level: 1d6 + 2
Form: A arm complete with articulate hand that appears to be made of many overlapping organic, chitinous shells.
Effect: The graft fits onto an arm stump or quickly (and painfully) consumes the arm of its future host. It functions in all ways like a normal arm except the host can will the arm to transform and grow over a one minute span of time to mimic the function of any hand held tool acting as a +1 asset. It can only add to one skill at one time without having to be returned to the default state then re-transformed. Additionally the arm can act as both a light weapon and shield (due to its hard shell).
Depletion: -

9. Luminous second eye lids.
Level: 1d6
Form: A set of thin, transparent flabs of skin that fits over an eye under the eye lids.
Effect: These symbiotic organisms function as a second set of eye lids for the host. When these second eye lids are closed they produce a modest light allowing the host to see perfectly in the dark, however they also increase the difficulty of stealth actions due to their glow. Additionally the second eye lids protect the host’s eyes under water even in the saltiest brines.
Depletion: -

10. Secondary digestive tract.
Level: 1d6 + 2
Form: A long slender red tube covered in blue veins and tiny strange pulsing organs.
Effect: when inserted into the host’s mouth the tube contracts then springs down through the whole of the digestive system. This second digestive tract protects the host from all injected poisons, toxins, diseases, and parasites. Further the second digestive tract also allows the host to more effectively digest foods that are normally unsuited for human consumption (grass, wood shavings, etc…) with no ill effect. Finally the host can vomit over short range acid that does 1 damage.
Depletion: -


  • I like it; it looks pretty good.  Another suggestion is to look at other content from other IPs as a source of inspiration.  For example, the Space Marines in canon have a number of bio-mechanical enhancements that make them the bad-asses they are.  The wiki page details all of them, and might be a source of inspiration:

    The other thing is I notice these are mostly weapon/defense kind of artifacts.  That may be ok if the organization is rather militant, but if they have an identity beyond just militant, perhaps the science-gone-too-far approach, or perhaps some form of wealth accumulation, or a twisted form of ethics to force the evolution of the human race, then I think it would be beneficial to have some artifacts that would not serve a militant purpose (although perhaps they could be used that way).  

    For example, something that releases pheremones that allow a recipient of the graft to influence the minds of others would be great for politicians and psychologists.  This might grant an asset bonus towards influence checks that works in conjunction with the skill bonus bud.

    Something that allows someone to have chameleon skin, to change the color and patterns on the skin, would be great for spies trying to hide but also great for performers or entertainers, or even just a wealthy vain noblewoman.  Mechanically you could say this gives a person an asset bonus to one of a series of options at a time, with 1 minute to change from one to the other; they could choose between sneaking/hiding if they try to blend with teh surroundings, or they could choose influence or social-type tasks if they try to look more attractive, or deception tasks if they try to appear to be someone they are not.  Not all at once, but one at a time, and the time to change reflects the physical appearance change.

    Something that allows for perfect recall, to make a person the equivalent of a Mentat from Dune, like a human computer, might be interesting, although mechanically that may be covered in the Brain Bud.  Maybe you could say it gives them a penalty to influence checks, but gives them +5 Int points and an asset towards any knowledge check they make; something like that.

    I'm sure there are other non-martial ones and I think that route would add a lot.I also think it would add a lot to flesh out options that maybe don't even have mechanics but have some descriptions.  When your group encounters them, maybe they see people with fur, or with extra arms, or something.  You don't need to flesh out rules because they probably wouldn't take those as options, but if you're aware of what some things like that are ahead of time you'll be able to describe it during encounters and it'll just add to your player's immersion into the plot.
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