101 thing Philethis say.

Hello all, I was just reading about the Philethis and the part about their interactions really caught my attention.  So ripe for such random stuff.  Chime in if you have any additions.

1. The symbols of your cipher (insert specific object?) are to be read from top to bottom.

2. The herd will be culled soon.

3. How many times will the sun rise?

4. The red symbol is the release.

5. In 42,387 minutes the seskii will birth her pups.


  • 6. Why did your father drown your twin when you were born?

    7. Three times the device must tap

    8. The divergence event converges in 9 hours

    9. The one who steals your face buys a spiky fruit

    10. Why did you think of that cypher when your mother died?
  • 11. Strange things are afoot at the circle K
  • Hi:

    1. What's the frequency [INSERT RANDOM NAME - OTHER THAN PC's]?

    2. There is a cypher connected to my brain, you dig?

  • Pardon my ignorance on the matter but who/what is Philethis? I haven't run across this name yet.
  • They are enigmatic creatures that watch the world, they seem to be kinda like mothmen/observers
  • Ahh...cool! I must have missed it in the creatures section! Admittedly I just skimmed it. I like the cool things you guys are coming up with!
  • 14. What was the significance of the color blue when you skinned your knee when you were six.

    15. Open a window when the man in brown closes the door.

    16. Do not move. *collects a stray hair or bit of drit from the PCs clothes*

    17. Why are you here? You are out of place.

    18. ..... stares without a word before turning away says something else from the list with out looking back, then before a response can be given it vanishes.

    19. Says something from the list and when a response is given it answers, "I wasn't talking to you." motions to empty space near PC, "I was asking your companion."

    20. How are you feeling, Harbinger? Fever or chills yet? Cough? 
  • 21. You are reflected too many times.

    22. We all live in the same cage.

    23. Your father was observed closely.

    24. This reality is folding, yet you still do nothing. Why?

    25. Never again will she look at you with the same eyes.
  • 26. This instantiation yields better results.

    27. You are born soon.

    28. 13.4 cycles until impact.

    29. Adjunct 6.4b, Branch A, why?

    30. You taste of almonds
  • 31. Your actions during singularity event 237.4A are puzzling. Please explain.

    32. The dark architecture became active 42,000 seconds ago. 

    33. Your DNA contains error line 385617389.

    34. You have a knack for surviving in the 7th dimension.

    35. It is nice how your hair moves.
  • 36. Choose the third box.

    37. The moon key chooses the shadow gate.

    38. ... ... ... player not recognised.

    39. Her son scarred her cheek on purpose.

    40. Waiting 3 seconds results in alignment.
  • You could also have some fun breaking the fourth wall if that would fly with your players.

    Who is [players real name]?

    Why do you obey [players real name]?

    Random detail about a player's life, good ones like "[player's relative name] [did something they actually did] [time relative to real world time]"

    Random details about current events for which the in-game characters have no reference.

    Random details from fiction: "Why did the small abhuman throw the ring in the volcano?" "The nano stays behind to stop the creature." "The blue-eyed ride the desert worms"
  • I was thinking about some fourth wall action too. Not sure if my players would like that though. I have to say after reading about these guys that they are one of the coolest things that I've seen printed in a RPG. I REALLY want a Glimmer about them or an adventures that deals with them.
  • The next Numenera short-story I'm writing involves a Philethis, but not necessarily as a primary plot point, more incidentally if anything. But yes, I totally agree with you, of all the creatures and weirdness in the bookss, the Philethis captures a lot of it all in one place, which makes them by far my favourite creature.
  • What is the purpose of the goggles?

    In 76,589 minutes they will enter this recursion.

    The hovercraft is full of eels.
  • This creatures real nature will be obvious soon enough.

    Your existence is 4.35 standard deviations from the mean

    The scent contains the instructions
  • For a brief time you joined us, we are one across the worlds.

    It will be overhead in 47 minutes.

    The event has passed Point 576-J.

    Do they know of your actions during time index Sigma-13?

    Did you try turning it off then turning it on again?

    The shear viscosity of your mucus is 0.07% higher than average.
  • 53. What will you wish for?

    54. When you were sick as a child you declined to drink your mother's hot beverage, why?

    55. What is real when you are dreaming?

    56. You will pay a terrible price.
  • 57. Your power level is over 9000

    58. Toxicity levels indicate a total collapse within 4 arns

    59. That is the incorrect answer

    60. The fourth finger of the third hand is responsible

    61. Why is the creeping dark?
  • 62. The event can no longer be averted. Nada has already spilled the oil.

    63. She has two blue ribbons growing out of her nose. One of them reads "Tomorrow," the other, "Yesterday." That is all.

    64. Please, stop saying "Clop."

    65. Manuscripts do not burn.

    66. He has spilled family blood.
  • So, I'm gonna go ahead and say it:

    67. They are alone. They are a dying people; we should let them pass.

    68. Understanding is a three-edged sword.

    69. The truth points to itself. 

    and, of course, 70. We are all Kosh.
  • Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?
  • 73. Your question is incorrect, regarding my answer.

    74. Explain the concept of eating?

    75. Ceasing to function you fall like the city did...

    76. Have you pondered the possibility of me being you? (then an electric sound) You wouldn't understand.

    77. Your doom is approaching. What do you think of ice cream?
  • Do you smell fudge when there is no fudge in the vicinity?

    Time is an illusion,lunchtime doubly so.
  • "The Horror the Horror."

    "There are no Words..."  Buzzing sound, jarring sound, "...there Are no words..." Ad nauseum.
  • The song of the machine begins.

    There are no more fish to be fed.

    In 63,982 seconds, you will know.

    The mote in the star's shell begins to crumble.

    A plague will come to speak with you.

    A seventh son of a seventh son will be needed.

    A moth on the wing, an octopus on the wave.

    You are not who should be here.

    (To someone with a thuman) Why do you treat your cousin so ill?

    The words on the page are blood and tears.

    There is truth beneath your lies.

    Why do you pretend to be this creature?

    Soon, your eyes will bloom.

    A black wind blows around you.

    Seek the touch of the Iron wind if you would know.

    This dark network of data, why do you not use it?

    You are here too soon.

    You are here too late.

    Hail the glow cloud.

    There is a light on the mountain.

    Take the root of Nirn and make a paste of it.

    A citadel of amber, buried in the world. Fallen cousin to the monolith which flies.

    A gateway that denies death; those who walk through it kill without care. Why?

    A scroll of words from before time began. It must be destroyed.
  • "I can't let you do that (PLAYERS NAME)" (hal <3)
    "everything has a secret world inside of them"
    "Nothing dates harder and faster and more strangely than the future." (originally neil gaiman)
    "I wish I had an origin story for you." (NG)
    When I was four, I was bitten by a radioactive myth." (also NG)

    "the world is always ending... for someone"
    "beware floating smiles"
    "Go on, prove me wrong. Destroy the fabric of the universe. See if I care." (terry pratchett)
    "I have sympathy for those who did."
    The trouble with having an open mind, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it."
    "Who would not rather be a rising ape than a falling angel?"
    "Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving"
    "No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place"
    "When you reach the top of the mountain, keep climbing"
    "Look at the flower and the flower also looks"
    "Who is dragging this corpse about?"

    and finally;-
    "another party of 'heroes'. i wonder if any of them even consider those that clean up their mess"
  • If you are familiar with Babylon 5, they are in essence Vorlons :)  Famous for sayings like: When the avalanche begins it is too late for the pebbles to vote...Understanding is a three edged sword...They are alone; they are a dying people...We will meet after the hour of scampering.

    Definitely deep into the weird.... :)

    Josiah Bradbury said:
    They are enigmatic creatures that watch the world, they seem to be kinda like mothmen/observers

  • In three of your days, you will refuse to take a third sip of your beverage - is this meaningful?

    Why is the Gunther evil? 

    Pretzel crumbs, what is their significance?

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