The Re-Designing of Weapons.

(And other home-brew re-flavourings of items and such)

Have youse guys made any? :)

I made one for my current character.
Luckily, my GM gave me a lot of room for creativity.

It is a biological entity which can shoot non-biological matter that it has consumed

Like this. You feed it meat or another type of nourishment and it gains energy for shooting.
If you feed it metal, glass or stone.. Or anything else like that.
It grinds the material into a projectile form.

By foregoing armor, all the weapons I was entitled to AND my shins, I was allowed to have several "modes".
So I used two weapons as templates for the weapon that my character has named Matasha.

Firstly, for the main mode, I used the heavy crossbow. So standard shot deals 6 damage, at long range and "Matasha" takes one action to gather energy for another shot.

Secondary mode is like a buzzer.
Fires up to five rounds before energy gathering is necessary and deals 2 damage at close range.

Changing between the modes takes an action.

The entities mouth is also useable for something around 1-2 damage. Mostly only good for scaring someone by ripping out a bit of flesh from the forehead. Heh.

The look of the weapon is kind of difficult to describe without using gestures or sketching(which I can't)

But I'll try.

Matasha looks... A tad like a plank. Around one meter long.
On one end there is something similar to a lamprey's mouth. On top, there is an eye protruding and behind it there is a fleshy, eye-like thing that projects what the eye sees... But zoomed in.
"She" is fired by using sensitive pressure points and excretes waste when shooting by accompining the projectile with a thin, not so nicely smelling mist.
When touching "her" you feel the heat from a living being. The skin is like a human's... Yet slightly more leathery.
She is covered in short, sparse hair, not unlike those on a human arm.
If you squeeze "her" body you will feel flesh and what might be bone and/or cartilage.
If scratched in a pleasant way Matasha may make sounds like the combination of a croaking frog, a cooing pigeon and a purring cat.
If hurt "she" will whimper/whine disturbingly.

Where this... Thing comes from, no one knows.
But it might be a malfunctioning biological waste management machine. Or perhaps it actually is a weapon.
Maybe even both? Once and first... The types of machines were used for that. Then changed into a weapon by another culture.

My GM and I have talked about two additional things with Matasha.
Maybe they will be added in our modified Carries A Quiver.
Or never.
But the first is what I call the "Coma-Shot". Matasha uses all but a sliver of "her" energy and falls into a coma. The shot deals two or three times the normal damage. However she will have to be nursed back to health for 1-2 days. Leaving my character pretty much useless... Since it will take a lot for him to use anything but Matasha.

The other is... Consuming cyphers for creating shots with odd benefits. Heh.

I'm quite satisfied. Heh.

Have anything cool of your own?
Do you happen to have ideas on how to modify Carries A Quiver in a good way? :)


  • I've got a couple:

    Thunder Rod

    Based off of the high-pressure air cannons that our party encountered on a Redfleet ship, the thunder rod is sort of a Ninth World blunderbuss. The weapon consists of a blue steel cylinder that acts as a pressure vessel, a cone-shaped piece of synth a party member liked to wear as a hat, a jury-rigged crank-driven pump, and the stock and various parts of a heavy crossbow.

    The user cranks the pump until the pressure cylinder is filled, flips the device over and dumps a handful of ammunition (pebbles, nails, etc.) into the cone on the other end. You then line up your target and pull the trigger on the crossbow stock which releases the compressed air from the cylinder, causing the ammunition to fly out of the cone Mechanically, the device is a heavy weapon that works at short range and requires an action to reload. However, the materials used in its construction are durable enough that it can be used as a medium bashing weapon in a pinch.

    Protean Staff

    The weapon appears to be an eight foot long quarterstaff wrapped in braided strands of adamantine silk. However, when the user's grasp on the weapon changes it loses its rigidity and becomes a whip-like weapon. Mechanically, it's a medium weapon like a regular quarterstaff that the user can turn into a light weapon with an action.
  • "Matasha" is an interesting concept, I can imagine any number of organic creatures acting as weapons. A small trainable animal could act as a medium weapon; it's an interesting take on an intelligent sword. Imagine a character entering combat with a fluffly little bioengineered "war ferret" sitting on their shoulder. Once combat begins the character, instead of using a standard melee weapon, directs their pet to attack each round. I'd say the owner could attach either in melle or out to short range, representng the creature running out to bite someone.
    To keep it from steppng on the toes of those with "Controls Beasts" it wouldn't even be an NPC. It would have basic biological needs and couldn't be ordered to do anything other than attack, stay or snuggle due to hardwired, chemical or mental conditioning.
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