Million-year Data Storage

Saw this and thought of y'all:

I've got a few other data-storage ideas in mind.  One is based on the way insects pass information via regurgitated and shared food, so it's jars of what look like syrup.  If you drink some, you'll experience the memories.  Alas, since those memories are were not experienced by human beings, but by terribly alien critters, there's all sorts of opportunities for GM Intrusion, psychosis, or other fun.


  • That's an interesting article, though it seems that it failed to mention just how much data that disc could store, or what a KBT is. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing.


    Anyway, this reminds me of an idea I had while reading through that section on the village of Fasten (pg. 140), where it describes a shop called "Adorne," where an old guy sells various bits and bobs by the cupful. It stands to reason, then, that a particular scoop of ostensibly worthless junk could actually contain a bit of numenera. This also germinated with an idea from some old science fiction novel I started reading and discarded a while back, involving a chemical company rushing to develop a revolutionary wonder-chemical, and they stored all the information they had on it on a "data perle," a ball of ferrite (I think?) with data encoded in the arrangement of its crystalline structure. This data could only be retrieved by means of a specially-constructed array of lasers, making it very difficult to access illegitimately. I thought that in sifting through a cupful of junk, a character knowledgeable in numenera could recognize a ferrite data perle for what it is, maybe kicking off a minor adventure arc. First they'd have to find somebody who had a working laser-reader thing, then I'd have to put something interesting on it (I was thinking blueprints to an ancient superweapon, or something), then they could follow the information on the perle, ???, and then swag.


    My idea, I think, is more developed along the lines of a practical adventure seed, but I think yours is more creative and appropriately "weird." Perhaps I shall devote some thought to combining the two.
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