Fun With Plants

Try this for inspirational material:

In contrast sensors that can eavesdrop on plant communications could have lots of applications.  Farmers can wait to apply pesticides until their crop tells them which pests are attacking which plants.  Hunters can ask the forest where deer congregate to do their browsing. Maybe the grass in minefields is already broadcasting the location of the explosives its roots are avoiding.

Lots of these capabilities could be built into smart phones, perhaps with sensor attachments.  Even more sophisticated work could be done with special purpose devices mounted on drones or just on the Google Street View car.  It’s nice to have pictures of houses along the road, but imagine Google Plant View:  a map of everything the plants know about a neighborhood:  soil types and pH content, homes with toxic molds, the progress of invasive insects, herbivores, and plants.

- Brian


  • Oh my gosh, that's so cool. Thank you for sharing this. Plants are weird.


    This is just the sort of thing for the Sarracenians to go messing around with. I always liked the Sarracenians, and I had an idea for a Sarracenian NPC nano based on George Washington Carver. There could be a little aldeia out in the Beyond that was hooked up with a bunch of useful plant-tech, as well as his mundane recipes for plant-based sundries. This could result in some interesting friction between this one Sarracenian and the local Aeon Priest clave, what with the locals considering the former a more valued member of the community. Then there's what happens when the plants come alive and start eating people, or whatever...


    Yes, very good inspiration indeed. That's a solid adventure hook, right there.
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