Bestiary Places

I am reading through the new Bestiary (and loving it!) and I am noticing a few locations that are noted that have not been mentioned before.  I figure it could be a nice resource if we list them when we come across them and offer suggestions of where they may be located in the Ninth World (acknowledging that any GM or group can place anything anywhere and this is merely suggestion, not doctrine).

Example: Sheery Manor where TIRANIAN THE SCRIBE lives......where do you think that place resides?  My best guess is somewhere with wealthy landowners, maybe south of Charmonde in Navarene?

Example: Does DISSICAELI has a base or fortress somewhere in The Pytharon Empire?  Maybe near Witchfire Peak?

Example: The SYZYGY GHOUL live in "subterranean yudterims".  Perhaps there is a particularly large one somewhere in the Black Riage?


  • /once again regretting I found Numenera post-kickstarter.

    Sorry, would love to play in this game, but don't have the book :(
  • For the record, "yudterims" is defined in the margin of the page where the Syzygy Ghoul description is. The language there indicates that it is a term for large subterranean communities of Dark Singers where they seemingly maintain the lore they've gained through consuming the dead. Deep stuff, but to your question, this isn't a place already on the map, it is a term for any such congregation of these creatures. 
  • Yes, Erich, exactly.  But I was hoping maybe there could be a particularly large community somewhere we could make up. Like underneath the mountains......
  • Well, your interested in the mountains.  What about Hidden Naresh.  It's a very neat local and it offers you a perfect entrance to your hidden den.  The whole community could exist as a secret cult that feeds on the constant flow of dead from the city above.  The strange grubs that feed there could easily be baby "gods" from another dimension that nurture their young here for safety.  The Mycos could be a tool created by these creatures, or maybe just something they've used to profit.  The possibilities here are endless.
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