Solid Light Emitter

How would one go about creating an artifact similar to the "solid light emitter" used by Crimson Tellach (pg.45) and pictured in the Ninth World Hub banner? It seems extraordinarily useful, sounding like the Numenera equivalent of a sonic screwdriver.

Solid Light Emitter: It's described as a "solid light emitter that allows her to create a temporary hand, weapon, tool, or anything else she needs."

How would it operate (depletions, limitations, etc.) and what crafting skills would likely be required to make it? (Thinking in terms of a potential Crafts Unique Objects player.)


  • Solid Light Emitter:

    Artifact.  Discharge 1 in 1D20

    Upon use, it creates a single hand-sized tool for up to 1 hour.  The tool can take any shape the wearer chooses and is controlled entirely by thought.  The tool is solidly attached to the wearer's arm in place of their hand, so when not active the difficulty in doing any physical activity requiring 2 hands increases by two steps.  Because the tool can take any shape and is made of solid light, it can fill any space to act as a lockpick and will not break like other tools, thus any action when using the tool the difficulty is decreased by one step.

    If the wearer creates a hand, it is able to grasp objects but is not as dextrous as a normal hand due to it's artificial nature.  Any physical activity undertaken that requires 2 hands decreases by one step.

    If the wearer creates a weapon, they can create any one-handed weapon they desire.  This weapon does +1 damage due to it's solid light nature.

    Activating or changing the form of the hand is an action.

    That's my 20 second write up; I'm sure there's a variety of opinions on what the effects and drawbacks would be for something like this.
  • I'll throw in my two shins, two years later, though I'm too drowsy to properly format this or fully think through potential rules issues. Maybe I'll drop by and edit it tomorrow with a clearer mind.

    At any rate, as I see it, this is fluff. No rules needed. You want a hand made of light, instead of flesh? Okay. You want to be able to turn it into a knife, hammer or small ax? Okay, those are all reasonable, too.

    None of the above affords the player any special exploitable advantages. Maybe he gets a few cheap tools for free. You can offset that in one of two ways. First, you could dock his starting shins accordingly. I find the second option more interesting. The hand is solid light. Therefore, it always casts dim light, regardless of circumstances. You need to hide? I hope you can make due with one hand, or find a way to cover that glowing thing.

    I , too, thought Crimson Tullach's hand was awesome when I first read the corebook. It's a cool idea for an amputee character, whether that character starts from first tier with the prosthetic, or losses the limb along the way. I don't see any reason to complicate it with needless rules. This is all easily handled via description, or fluff.
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