Leather-bound Numenera core rules for sale

edited June 2015 in Game Talk
Apologizes if this is a bad place for this, but I figured there might be some people here that were interested. I find myself in need of some money, and unfortunately the big things I own that might bring in some quick cash are my two Monte Cook books: Ptolus and Numenera. 

The Numenera book is the leather-bound edition from the Kickstarter. Its not signed, but has been out of its bubble wrap for maybe ten minutes since I got it, so its as brand new as a book can get. 

I also have my copy of Ptolus up for sale, which I got during the pre-order phase when the book was released. Its still got most of the included extras except for the map and CD, but the five players guides are included and still sealed.

Again, sorry if this is against some rule I'm not aware of (if it is, feel free to delete), but I know the group here is big fans of Monte Cook and Numenera in particular, so I figured someone among you might be interested.


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