Two questions

My first one I want to make a nano who uses long range weapons. I wanted to know how would stat out a weapon that fires laser that causes the place it hits for its temp to go to zero and cause damage though freezing. 

My next question.What is a dart thrower exactly ?


  • A dart thrower is a blow gun i presume. Also a freeze ray would be an artifact so unless your GM allows all players to have an artifact upon character creation. you are unlikely to get one especially if you expect it to hit long range, rather than short.
  • Here's how to stat out an artifact that does damage at range:

    1> Pick out an artifact from the book that does damage at range and behaves (mechanically) similar to the way you want this one to work.

    2> Alter the description to match how you want it to look and act.

    3> Alter the mechanics to make it distinctive from your source.

    4> If you made it better, increase the probability it will deplete. If you made it worse, lower the depletion probability.  
  • I was looking at a long range nano myself and without using an artifact. To that end though I ended up using multiple optional rules from the core book. Which of course you are not guaranteed to find a GM using.
  • I've always pictured a dart-thrower as a mini atl-atl sized for darts as opposed to spears. Not sure if that's what MCG had in mind though. 

    It is not, however, a blowgun--that's a separate weapon with its own stats. 
  • Simplest way to create a freeze ray wielding nano is the onslaught esotery and Wears a Sheen of Ice focus. Then onslaught deals cold damage. Your GM might let you increase the range from short to long by expending effort. I know I would.

    I pictured the dart thrower like the dart gun from Fallout 3. Or perhaps like a hand crossbow. Of course, this being the Ninth World, it could also be a tube that throws darts via linear acceleration like a mini rail gun.
  • imageimageimage

    Atl Atls are very ancient technology which allow someone to throw a spear or dart many times harder and faster than one could normally.  Here's more info. Remember that basic tech in the Ninth World is medieval at best (unless it's a numenera).  A hand-crossbow would not be a dart "thrower" (it would be a dart shooter if anything), and railguns are way beyond the means of common people to produce.  The simplest atl atls are made from wood or bone and stones for the counter weights.  They can be made with stone tools.  They were used during the ice age to bring down mega-fauna (really fucking big animals like mammoths).

    One of my anthropology professors made his own atl atl and tested throwing a spear with it.  The spear had a stone point (chert specifically).  He threw it at an archery target mounted on a bale of straw.  Not only did the spear go through the target and the bale, it also sailed through his garage and went through the back wall.  My prof was a scrawny guy, not a Conan or anything.

    Underestimate the atl atl at your peril.  :)
  • Are you sure its not a sci fi gun that shoots darts ?
  • I'm not 100% sure, since no picture or description is given, but such a thing would probably be an artifact.  I also would assume it would cost more than 8 shins, although that seems a lot for an atl atl and darts.  Maybe it's made of metal instead of bone or wood.  I just think it's the most likely thing considering the tech level and the fact that it's an easily obtainable item.  Also, atl atls are sometimes called spear throwers or dart throwers. 
  • I didn't mean to imply that all dart throwers would be little rail gun tubes, just that a PC could start with such an Oddity.

    And thanks for sharing about the atl atl. I'd never heard of that before.
  • it is a light weapon, that shoots darts, depicted on the next page of the book i believe, the one with the squeeze grip?
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