Finally got a chance to play!!

This past Friday I finally got to play Numenera and we had a blast.  Our gaming group is currently playing in the world of Ebberon, but the GM was away for the weekend so I pulled out Vortex and some of the pregenerated characters and went to it.  My wife, my son, and two other gaming buddies were present.  The characters were, Leve - a strong willed Nano who wields power with precision, Hawmett - a mystical glaive who controls gravity, Dalen - a learned jack who wears a sheen of ice, and Benthre a charming jack who blends flesh and steel.  After a brief explanation of the character sheet and how the rules worked we got into the adventure.  

Right at the beginning of the game, I was in for a surprise.  I never gave much credence to the social connections suggested for the characters based on their foci, etc.  But my players really got a kick out of them and had a blast working out the details of their connections.


The simplicity of the rules made it much easier for the players to get into role playing their characters, and for much of the opening scene of the adventure there was no need for dice rolling.  The group discovered the Temple and was examining it when the sect members showed up.  The party was very curious about the Temple and tried to ask many questions about it.  Leve snuck around back and used one of his cyphers to look through the wall.  He glimpsed a white vortex surrounded by religious memorabilia.  Things were a little tense for a few minutes, as Gregor had no use for the party's shenanigans but eventually Fean and Ashlyn were able to persuade the party to back off peacefully and allow the sect members to enter their Temple.  

After finding and deciphering the journal left by Fean, the party decided they had a few days to kill in Jutte before heading off to meet the Temple.  During their stay in Jutte, Dalen made a few extra shins by using her writing skills and copying documents for the locals.  Eventually they heard about the haunted lake and headed off to investigate.  The combat with the Mesomeme ran slowly at first, as the players were getting used to the concepts of effort and edge, etc. but things picked up pretty quickly.  Hawmett wandered into the lake to see what he could see, and I used a GMI to have him lose his footing and fall just as the Mesomeme appeared.  He was able to avoid serious injury, and lured the creature back to the shallows for the rest of the party to deal with.  The grateful townsfolk rewarded them with three cyphers and the party left to meet the Temple.

The journey to the new location of the temple was uneventful, and they arrived just in time to see it appear.  They tried knocking on the front door, but received no response until Evanna appeared.  After listening to Evanna's sob story, the party waited for Gregor and his crew to leave and then entered the temple.  Once they got out of the elevator they followed the lit path (scavenging a few shins along the way) to the entrance of the cult's headquarters.  After opening the door, and trying unsuccessfully to sneak up on the Dwelling things got tense.  The surprised sect members immediately picked up weapons for self defense but the party was able to reason with Fean and Ashlyn and subdue the more hostile members of the group.

This is where we had to stop, I was hoping to get to the end of Part One, but it was getting late and we decided to pack it in till next session.  One of the things I discovered about the game is that as GM you always have to be looking for GMI openings.  I also caught myself reaching for the dice several times to roll attacks or other things - it will take some practice to untrain my reliance on dice.  I'm looking forward to our next session, but even more I'm looking forward to my chance to run a full Numenera campaign (probably in September when our current campaign reaches a decent place to pause.).


  • Last night we played part of the second adventure of The Vortex, but we weren't able to finish it.



    One of the players was unable to show up, his character was Hawmett, a Mystical Glaive who controls gravity.  We decided that Hawmet was very intrigued by the Vortex sect and decided to sit down and have a chat with them about their beliefs.  The rest of the party went upstairs to confront Abrassal and took him out in no time thanks to Benthre pinning him to the wall with a synth arrow (she rolled a 20) and an extremely powerful Onslaught from Leve (he rolled a 19)  Dalen released Shonne.  (Benthre found Abrassal's cache of hallucinogens and decided to take them - Not sure what he has planned for those!)

    Just as they were finishing up in Abrassal's room, Leve, the nano, started to hear Aerridomos' voice inside his head.  Leve started to panic immediately, not knowing where the voice was coming from.  The other two weren't sure what Leve was talking about, till they started to hear the voice too.  For a moment they thought they had been affected by the Abrassal's hallucinogenics.  Eventually they went back downstairs to the common room, to see if the members of the sect knew anything about the voices.  They were told that before Abrassal came to power the members used to be contacted occasionally by the voice, and decided that the party members must be prophets of the Vortex and invited them to join and lead the sect.

    The party was able to politely decline and found their way to the Transformation room.    In the transformation room, the party suffered the effects of the crystals as they entered the room, this almost gave Leve another panic attack, but Daylen found it all very entertaining going in and out past the crystals several times to see what effect they would have.  After that got old, they approached the ramp and were attacked by the crystal snowflakes.  After dealing with them, Leve and Benthre decided to rest and recover for a bit while Daylen explored.  She climbed up the end of the platform with some handy dandy cypher gloves and discovered the dias on top.  She climbed up onto it and got promptly dunked into the pool.  After a bit more exploring in the transformation room, she was able to persuade the other two to let themselves be dunked too.

    Unfortunately we ran out of time there, and will have to finish some other time, our regular GM is back next session and it will be back to Eberron for us.  We had a lot of fun this session even though we didn't get very far.  The group is really liking the weirdness of the setting and I'm looking forward to finish off the adventure in the hopefully near future.
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