A good resource for ideas

Having recently re-discovered the SCP files collaborative storytelling project I have been mining them for ideas.

Some encounter/challenge ideas include:

scp-409 a crystalline structure that infects everything it touches with a crystalline formation, eventually shattering into hundreds of shards that also pass on the deadly 'infection'

or scp-016 an evolving mutagen that reforms it's host to survive any danger it encounters,

or perhaps a being like scp-469 an apparently humanoid life form enveloped in soft downy wings that feeds on sound, it draws victims in, stops it from passing out too quickly with a toxin and then stimulates pain receptors to make it scream more loudly. 

Some artifact ideas might include:

scp-1043 instant, if slightly dangerous shelter/settlement or scp-064 for a less nightmarish version

scp-1067 tea making teaspoons, though this one is slightly on the comical side...something to play with anyway

scp-120 Evacuation pool/portal equaling some sort of transit device. 

I've really only scratched the surface but clicking on random scp files always turns up something interesting that might be adapted into unknown tech


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