Anyone Else Getting Numenera ThunderStone?

I've had the pleasure of playing ThunderStone and some of the expansions.  I also went to the AEG Friday Night shindig at GenCon 2013 and got to try out ThunderStone Advanced (among many other cool games).

I added the Numenera ThunderStone option to my KickStarter pledge and am very excited to be able to get this.  

Let's throw in some candid honesty... I'm not too thrilled with waiting for it, though!



  • err... GenCon 2012...  it would be SO cool to make 2013.  I suppose there's a probability for making it this year, but nearly as high I was would like it to be...  8')
  • I backed at the Completist level, so I'll be getting a copy of it. I've never played Thunderstone, though I am familiar with other deck building games: Dominion and Ascension.
  • I just got a shipment notification from UPS which indicates that I should have my copy in about a week. !!!
  • Same here. Hopefully having changed addresses at the post office won't delay it too much. 
  • I've heard some people received it already - it goes on general sale on Monday.  I'm in the UK and have not heard anything about my Thunderstone order, not even a "your game is being dispatched".  Anyone else in the UK had communication about Thunderstone, or better still, received it?
  • It arrived. There isn't a limited edition version -- Alderac Entertainment Group evidently changed their minds about doing that without telling anyone, so the version that comes to backers is the same as the version that will be available in stores. No foil, no signed card, nothing special.

    Except it comes with a Numenera d20, which is cool. I'm still pissed at them (edit: AEG) and will be unlikely to purchase any games from their company in the future. I've said as much on their Facebook page.

    Edit: I'm in Michigan, USA.
  • Yeah, they should have sealed that deal properly via contract, but given the size of the task they were undertaking and the fact that it was just a few people taking it on then it's understandable that some things will be overlooked. I don't mind so much that it's apparently changed, I just want it so that I can mark off the list of things I'm waiting to be delivered. :)
  • I wasn't aware of any special foils or anything, so I wasn't disappointed in that regard.  I received mine last Wednesday, but I am in Oregon, not the UK.  I've tried playing it solo a few times and have not won, but was close on the last try (me 53, board 58).  I'm supposed to have a gaming day with my friend Shcotty tomorrow and hope to get him to try it out for a two-player game.  I've really enjoyed other AEG games and may have been burnt had I realized I didn't get something expected.
  • I emailed MCG tonight ... Tammie replied pretty quickly and said the international orders being shipped and I should let her know in 10 business days if I didn't receive it.  Just now, a few hours later, I've received a dispatch note saying it's on its way.  So I expect to get it in the next week or so.
  • Sooo.... how is the game? My family is looking for more board games to play on "Board Game Night". Would this game fit that bill?
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