Tales from the Ninth World

What did everyone think of the anthology? How about the sneak preview of the core book that was at the end of the PDF??

Full spoilers on for this thread.


  • I thoroughly enjoyed it, it gave me a good taste for the kind of strange to expect. The last story in particular was my favourite, with it's slightly darker tones and bitter ending.

    As for the preview, I loved it. I love the annotations along the side and how the match up with the bolded/highlighted terms in the main body of the text - I can see that being incredibly useful and it's a really beautiful, elegant way of doing it. The style of the preview actually reminded my quite a bit of the Ptolus book, which is no real surprise given Monte Cooks involvement with both.
  • --- Spoiler perhaps---

    1. The Smell of Lightening: I loved the concept, but I felt it was just the prologue to a larger story.  I wanted more.  The story didn't feel complete, but the flavor text you read at the beginning of an adventure.

    2.  The Taste of Memory: I liked the feel of this one, it brought back memories of the old "Thieves' World" Anthologies.

    3. The Sound of a Beast: I agree with Andrew, I liked this one the best.  It reminded me of old Conan, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, and The Dying Earth.  It truly invoked the feelings of the genre.

  • Yea, I loved it.

    I'm with Andrew on The Smell of Lightning, I wanted more, maybe someday Monte will expand upon it.

    I have to say that while I loved The Sound of a Beast, The Taste of Memory was my fav of the three.
  • I enjoyed the stories. I was surprised by the second one "the taste of memory" with its addict flavor. really like the preview of the core book looks to be alot of fun. the format with the highlights on the side was a nice touch easy for reference.
  • I found them all very good reading. The only complaint is that they are all too brief, but I understand that Monte Cook and Shanna Germain are both very busy. "The Taste of Memory" was to me the most enjoyable.
  • I heartily enjoyed Tales from the Ninth World. It did quite a good job of showing perspectives of characters from three very different walks of life.

    I think my favorite of the three stories was "The Taste of Memory." I loved how the pieces of that story fit together and the expression of things viewed every now and then through the perceptions of someone with synesthesia. And the idea of getting synesthesia from overuse of a drug was cool, too - and it was very appropriate for that drug to be, essentially, a set of paints. Kind of like you can, for all intents and purposes, snort the vision of an artist. :) Excellent story all around.
  • I bought the anthology last night. I have read through the smell of Lightning so far. I really loved how the character had lived somewhere so long and it was still a mystery. The essence of that mystery definitely gave me some ideas on how to incorporate something similar. I can't wait to read the second book. I'll make sure I write about the whole thing once I'm done.
  • I got these yesterday, read through them today.

    The first had a neat concept, but seemed, I dunno, wooden in presentation? Way too much telling instead of showing.

    The second was better, but I just wasn't digging the premise. It ended real abruptly too. I wasn't sure what to make of the twist with the guy at the end.

    The third was by far my favorite, and in my opinion the best-written (though the second is at least as good on a technical level). At times it wasn't clear what was going on, and in the bad I-can't-quite-follow sort of way, not a mystery-heightening way. As an aside, I want to know more about Varjellans because of Ech - the page and a half in the rulebook doesn't sell them very well. Now that I think about it, there wasn't a solid description of Ech in there, either - without having read the rulebook, I'd have no idea what he looked like.

    All in all, decent but not great. All could make compelling stories on their own, but they needed work, I thought.
  • I enjoyed them mostly for getting a better feel for the setting. As narratives, they were decent, but not great. But I know there is more fiction planned, and it's a much more interesting way to learn about the world, than just reading descriptions in the core book.
  • i liked the first story the most. It seems to me like an origin story that creates a status quo for later adventures, in it self the story does not lack an ending.

    The second story left me cold, I don't like to read about addiction, especially so central in the story. I understand the story was heroic and told about the main character's victory over her addiction, but the story failed to reach me emotional level leaving me mostly disqusted.

    The third story was excellent but the ending which seemed to me artificial with the sacrifices and deaths. I believe it was also a story of character growth, like the teo previous stories, but in this it seemed have nothing to do with the start of the story. It never explains the history behibd the prison escort mission and in the end nothing matters anymore.

    I would like to see more stories from Numenera, I am sure getting lot of inspiration for the games I run from them.
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