Onslaught clarification please.

Onslaught, one of the first tier nano esoteries
Says "You attack a foe using energies that assail either his physical form or his mind."

Do you chose when you cast?
Or is it set when you learn the esotery (esoteric?) ?
If it's set when you learn it, can you learn it twice to have both versions?



  • Most of the time, your Onslaught's nature will be governed by the character's focus - if you Ride the Lightning, your Onslaught is an electric bolt; if you Command Mental Powers, then your character is using psychic blasts that do indeed probably hammer the targets intellect. Given this, it'd be sensible that if it's fixed half the time, it's probably fixed the other half too.

    Either way, the usual rule is that you can only take an Estorey (or Trick of the Trade or Combat Manouver) once unless the power specifies otherwise, so I suspect you only get the one.

    The good news is that 90% of the time, it doesn't matter - damage is damage; the only reason the descriptors come into play is for interesting effects - a blast of fire is not going to do underwater, and a lightning bolt may go horribly wrong if you're all standing in the same pool of water... but then, fire blasts can make for handy campfire starters, too. It's all fluff, but it can be mighty handy fluff at times.
  • Simply put, you choose when you use it. Its up to you if you use the forceblast or the mindslice, so don't worry about it
  • Hmm. Would that remain the same for someone who Bears A Halo Of Flame, and all his esoteries shoot fire? Ditto ice, etc?
  • You get both and choose when you attack from what I read. Plus, that would be the coolest effect for the nano, so I'd go with both and choose.
  • It goes to the focis that have an entrance called "[Something] Esoteries", there it says how the foci changes the esoteries. You can see it in page 52 at the bottom-right for Bears a Halo of Fire or in page 73 at the middle-right for Wears a Sheen of Ice.

    And it doesn't matter if a foci changes Onslaught, if it doesn't specify you can't use the forceblast or the mindslice then you can use both versions, you just choose one when you use it. For notes sake, a Bearer of a Halo of Fire will create a blast of flame instead of a forceblast but the mindslice will remain unaffected. 
  • Yep: 

    For example, force blasts
    from Onslaught are blasts of flame
  • Thanks for your replies and advice. :)

    Unless some errata contradicts me some day, I'll go with chose when you cast. Of course, if they have something that modifies the sfx, that too will apply.
  • Yes, your Foci will change the form of Onslaught, but you choose which for you use each time you use Onslaught.
    With "Bears A Halo of Flame" you can either throw bolts of fire or melt their brains.
    My character's Foci is "Rides the Lightning" so I can either throw lighting bolts or send electricity through their brain. Great for short circuit machines :D
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