GM Screen?

Does anyone know if there'll be an official GM Screen released? I know that a reward level for the backers was a screen, a vinyl folio one where you could print what you wanted to appear in it, if I'm not mistaken. I already have the Savage Worlds customizable GM Screen, so I could start making myself some tables for it, but it's been said somewhere that after the release of the corebook, there'll appear some cool Numenera stuff in the "Licensed Products" section of the main site. It'd be a shame if I started working on my own GM Screen and not a week from now an official one becomes available.

I know that Numenera is not a rules heavy game that requires a Screen full of tables, but I've GM'ed several other systems and get them mixed up quite often. Plus, what the heck, I love GM Screens.

So, does anyone know anything about this? Will there be one for sale soon?


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