Numenera terrain

Hi, all.

I just wanted to let you all know that .gsd files for the Numenera terrain by Fat Dragon Games have been posted by pblade over at the Fat Dragon forum. Go here to get them.

Many of you just said "Huh? What's a .gsd file?".  It's a file format that plots the cut pattern for craft cutting machines aka robocutters like the Silloette. You input the file and the robocutter cuts out the model for you.

I personally don't use a robocutter. I like the cutting and scoring process. But for those of you who don't enjoy the cutting part, these machines are the cat's pajamas.

Anyway, if you have any problems or need help getting started with paper modeling, come on over to the Fat Dragon Forum and we'll help you out. We'd love to see pics of people's builds and we'd love to hear suggestions for future sets. Check us out.




  • That's awesome. I had no idea such machines existed.
  • Obviously there's an up front investment cost (around $250-300). But if you've got more money than time, or inclination, it could be the way to go. 

    That said, you certainly don't need one. Most of the Numenera terrain pieces are pretty simple. And with a bit of practice you can cut them out very quickly.
  • I don't really know what this is; it appears to be a physical model you can make on the equivalent of a 3D printer?  Any chance you can post a pic of the finished product/  Would be really interested.
  • Yes and no, Muton. The Numenera set by Fat Dragon Games is a papercraft terrain set that was included in the Kickstarter. If you're not familiar with card-stock terrain, you receive a set of pdfs, which you print onto 110lb card stock paper, cut out and glue together. If you were not part of the kickstarter, you can purchase it here at RPG Now. If you're not sure about this papercraft stuff, you can have a look at the Beginners Guide to Card-Stock Modeling here.  I hope this helps.


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