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<p><a href=""><strong>Bless Online Gold</strong></a> Bless Online is a new MMORPG released in 2018 powered by Unreal Engine 3 amazing for its life-like graphics &amp; dynamic environment settings. Most of online game doesn&rsquo;t pay attention to sky cuz it&rsquo;s unreachable and nothing happens but Bless Online notice the blank in online game that&rsquo;s an important part that could make the game more lively and enchanting. Even if a breeze or a spell cast can arouse surroundings&rsquo; swings or defoliations. And grass land and all vegetation are real-time generated and can react to environment thanks to Neowiz Games&rsquo; adoption of the game engine and well-intentioned development. The easiest way to earn the most important currency in Bless Online is to go dungeons. For every turn of clear you can earn small amount of Gold also you can sell you crafted gears to Auction House for profit.<br />
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Where did we get the information? In Bless Online there are 8 dungeons in the normal version. Some players have already written guides to selected dungeons but we dived into the Hieron exclusive dungeons for you and diligently wrote down the boss mechanics. We&#39;ve collected information from the Japanese version of Bless Online for the High Level Dungeons Migra Turis and Patala Ruins.<br />
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Right-Hand of Guiscardo: During the fight the boss raises his right hand in the air and creates an AoE area around him that deals moderate to high damage.<a href=""><strong>Cheap Bless Online Gold</strong></a> Try to leave this area to avoid the damage.Guiscardo: Guiscardo also raises his right hand during combat and creates an AoE area that deals damage. In addition to his surface attack he calls Elite Military Dogs for help. Try turning them off before they get too many.</p>

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