trove flux a hundred brittle pieces

Waymar's arms brushed his aspect. His moleskin glove got here away soaked with crimson. 
The other stated some thing in a language so that it will did no longer understand; his voice was like the cracking of ice on 
a winter lake, and the phrases have been mocking. 
Ser Waymar Royce determined his fury. "For Robert!" he shouted, and he came up snarling, lifting the 
frost-blanketed longsword with both fingers and swinging it round in a flat sidearm shrink with all his weight 
in the back of it. The opposite's parry became nearly lazy. 
When the blades touched, the metallic shattered. 
A scream echoed thru the woodland night, and the longsword shivered into trove flux a hundred brittle pieces, the 
shards scattering like a rain of needles. Royce went to trove flux his knees, shrieking, and protected his eyes. Blood 
welled between his palms. 
The watchers moved ahead together, as though some signal had been given. Swords rose and fell, all in a 
deathly silence. It was bloodless butchery. The pale blades sliced via ringmail as though it have been silk. Will closed 
his eyes. Far beneath him, he heard their voices and laughter sharp as icicles. 
Whilst he observed the courage to trove flux appearance once more, a long time had passed, and the ridge underneath turned into trove flux empty. 
He stayed in the tree, scarce bold to trove flux respire, whilst the moon crept slowly across the black sky. 
Eventually, his muscle groups cramping and his fingers numb with bloodless, he climbed down. 
Royce's frame lay facedown in the snow, one arm outflung. The thick sable cloak were slashed in a 
dozen places. Mendacity lifeless like that, you saw how young he was. A boy. 
He located what changed into trove flux left of the sword a few feet away, the cease splintered and twisted like a tree struck 
by lightning. Will knelt, looked round warily, and snatched it up. The damaged sword could be his proof. 
Gared would understand what to trove flux make of it, and if now not him, then in reality that old undergo Mormont or Maester 
Aemon. Would Gared nonetheless be waiting with the horses? He needed to trove flux hurry. 
Will rose. Ser Waymar Royce stood over him. 

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