Assets/ focus: Infiltrates

I am running Eberron using the CS - first time using the CS - finally got the courage to give it a go.

Having a rules query about the term 'asset'.  In the focus 'Infiltrates', pcs get "Tier 1: Stealth. You are lithe and quiet. You know how to alter your position, your stance, and your clothing to best suit your surroundings. All this combines to give you an asset for stealth-related tasks. Enabler."

Do they mean 'trained in stealth' by the term 'asset' above - since I thought an asset was an item - which then only helped you if it was relevant.

Or am I missing something? Sometimes it seems the writing needs an edit/ terms need tidying....

Sorry if this has been stated before - my 1st time on this forum

Thanks if anyone is the wiser and can let me know


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