Glowglobe NPC

So I was DM-ing for my group on roll20 when one of my players discovered he could type in chat as the different tokens on the page. Shenanigans ensued as the minor glow globe token I was using to give my players light began to speak to the players. Without much foresight, I decided to make the glow globe an NPC. After some time, I've come to various problems I am having trouble dealing with and I was hoping to get some advice.

First and foremost, how the hell am I going to RP a sentient glow globe? I was thinking of having it act like a ten year old child in terms of knowledge and maturity but what else should I keep in mind?

Second, a minor glow globe only lasts a limited amount of time. Any ideas on how the PCs could go and re-energize it or turn it into a major glow globe? I could use some suggestions.

Third, does anyone think giving the glow globe a descriptor, type, and focus is a bad idea? I was thinking of making it an "inanimate nano who builds from starlight."


  • Perhaps they could transfer the glowglobe's consciousness into a more permanent machine. Or, if the players can't think of any way to save it (or if they don't care), the glowglobe could just die like Frosty the Snowman. Came to life one day, then after a while had to go. Very sad, but that's life, eh kids? For extra poignancy, perhaps the PCs have to explain the concept of death/deactivation to it before it dies.

    I don't see a need to give the globe a focus, etc. I would just keep it as a level one NPC or whatever.
  • I would make the Glow Globe need some way to recharge. If it doesn't recharge in a specific time it shuts down. If it later gets a charged it will have a new personality. It will retain all the memories of its previous life, but will be a new consciousness. Also give a Foci and descriptor. If you have the Expanded Worlds book. Look at the Resides in Silicon... use that as a base line and just change it to is a Sentient Object.
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