The Nuts and Bolts of Cypher Space

So I'm looking at using Cypher for a space setting somewhere between Traveller and Star Wars. Not quite as Space Fantasy as SW but a bit more wild and wooly than Traveller generally is.
With the tools of Traveller available to me I think I have a handle on space travel and mapping in general, but the very light touch on ships in the book has me a bit underwhelmed. Sure, I can use the tools of another system to bolt more detailed ships onto Cypher, but it seems to be missing the point of Cypher to do so.

Have any add-ons appeared that I may have missed that might address this?  If not, should we write one?

Any thoughts are appreciated, and I will add my own as I go.


  • I should clarify that I have Numenera's "Into the Night".  Numenera's different approach to knowledge and technology fits the ships presented, as they are ancient artifacts that just work.  A Space Opera calls for, as my topic header alludes to, a bit more coverage of the nuts and bolts.
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