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So I've been running CS sessions for awhile now, and every time one of the guys we play with makes a character, he automatically goes straight for specialized in speed defense. Normally, I'd say that's fine, but he does it every time and it gets really annoying whenever we get into combat because he avoids every attack. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways to actually challenge a PC like that without increasing the difficulty of NPC attacks (I don't want to punish the rest of the party).


  • 1) Use GMI - that's what they are there for.
    "You zigged when you should have zagged; you trip and and are prone"
    "You leapt out of the way easily; however Marie wasn't fast enough and took the hit instead"
    2) Against recurring enemies - they will learn what he can do and so will create a response
    "Take out the glaive first; then the nano"
    3) EVERY attack? What level are your opponents? If they are Level 4; they are still hitting on 5-.
         What about using Ganging-Up?
    4) Have the other players start to rely on him to protect them; then send in something kick-ass.
    5) He can only react to an attack he sees coming - use a few ambushes/ shot by ranged weapon from behind.
    6) Like in most superhero tropes, make an opponent that is his equal.
  • @Brass_Jester
    Those are all excellent suggestions and I'm extremely grateful! I've been using GMI sparingly (didn't want to shut him down every time), but your other suggestions make for much more interesting encounters. Thanks!
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