Adult TPE Dolls

if you are a single man, you can use a [url=]Adult TPE Dolls[/url]  to soothe your needs. There are also fake pussies which you can use for your time all alone. Until the right girl comes, you can help yourself with toys that will give you the same, if not more, pleasure. The fun thing is that you can have an orgasm while imagining any woman you want as your partner. The silicone doll, along with other sex toys, can compensate for her absence. There is no need to feel alone and rejected when you can spend your times productively with the use of these toys. And to top it all off, there is no risk of getting somebody pregnant unexpectedly.

Chisa just makes me horny,she has slut written all over her. Chisa’s big breasts are amazing very realistic and she is super soft all over.She’s incredible you wont be disappointed with this one she is our best seller by far.
She has a very pretty face, beautiful soft hands and feet that are manicured with wires in hands for flexibility with her full metal skeleton.You can choose from a solid vagina and solid anus or removable vagina and anus.

Skin material: TPE
Internal structure: metal skeleton
Bust/waist/hip: 80cm*52cm*82cm
Weight: 12kg
Height: 145cm (4’9″)
Opening: vagina, anal, oral
Vagina depth: 18cm
anal depths: 17cm
Oral depth: 13cm
Feet length: 20.5cm
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