Developing a descriptor: Nurturing

I hope I'm not wrong in posting this here, instead of Fan Creations.

here is my idea for a descriptor: Nurturing. The goal is a descriptor that links a nurturing person to their ward/dependent and it actually helps them grow. Since XP is the growth mechanic, it affects XP. I think the downside might be a bit harsh. I've ad hocced some 'emotional damage' from trauma in games I've run before (some PCs accidentally killed a baby, and I penalized them one step on a bunch various tasks afterwards. But some people might not like rules- based emotional control like that

here ya go. Thoughts and criticisms welcome


You’re compassionate, warm and self-giving. You find that many look to you for guidance and support on their journey through life and your abilities in this area help others meet with more success, growth, and development.

Insightful: add +2 to your Intellect Pool

Skill: You are trained in pleasant social interactions

Skill: you are trained in all tasks relating to the preparation of food.

Mentor: each day, choose a person that you are nurturing. When you receive XP for a GM intrusion, you receive 3 XP and must give 1 of the XP to this person in addition to the Xp normally shared with another PC.

Dependent: the person you are bonded with experiences emotional dependence. If you suffer a loss on the damage track, they must succeed on a Challenging Intellect task or also drop one level on the damage track. If they drop to ‘dead’ they are instead in a state of catalonia that lasts 28 hours.  

Choose one of these as a connection to the starting adventure

  1. One of the members of this group is, in fact, your offspring. They couldn’t object to you joining them if they wanted to.

  2. You saw a group of people obviously in need of direction and guidance

  3. Someone in the group reminds you of a younger version of yourself, and you want to mentor them

  4. Impressed with your culinary skills, you have been invited to join their group and take care of the food preparation
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