Spending XP

Page 20 on the core book has and additional option when spending 4xp:
• If you’re a vector, select a new move. The move must be from your tier or a lower tier.
• If you’re a spinner, select a new twist. The twist must be from your tier or a lower tier.
 • If you’re a paradox, select a new revision. The revision must be from your tier or a lower tier.

This does not appear in the CHARACTER ADVANCEMENT section on page 124, nor do these options apply in the Cypher core system.

I interpenetrated this to be a setup description (miss print) of SECOND-TIER change: " In addition, you can replace one of your first-tier moves with a different first-tier move." but now I have player arguing that he should be able to use this.

Anyone have opinion on this or know a better ruling?


  • Skylark -- the same basic language is in the Cypher System Rulebook on p. 19. 

    "Players can also spend 4 XP to purchase other special options in lieu of gaining a new skill. Selecting any of these options counts as the skill benefit necessary to advance to the next tier. The special options are as follows: • Reduce the cost for wearing armor. This option lowers the Speed cost for wearing armor by 1. • Add 2 to your recovery rolls. • Select a new type-based ability from your tier or a lower tier."

    in my games I allow it. it replaces getting a skill. It's a handy way for a player to pick up an ability from a supplement, and you may allow them to pick it from a different Type as an optional rule as long as it doesnt step on another plater's schtick or give them a special ability sooner than theyd get it as an ability from their Type list. (See p 232 in Cypher System Rulebook).  

    I can see where some GMs would prefer to not use that option, though since it seems like a generally better choice than a skill. 

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