2 Focuses

Hi I have been watching  the nerdarchy crew play through a Shadowrun  Cypher game...I was wondering something..the gm allowed the players to have two foci..soo I was wondering if I were to use this in my game only tweek it a bit...like...
The pcs will get the tier 1 benefits  from both but as they advance in tier they must choose which one they wish to advance as they go...

Would this work well?...or is this a tad overpowering ?




  • Shadowrun tends to start pretty talented and just go up from there, so in that context it may not be too bad.  Under other circumstances it would be a bit much, as it almost bumps PC power up a full Tier early on. As with D&D 3PF multi-classing, though, that early flexibility advantage can be a trap.
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