Edge Application - Riposte and Speed Defence

Let's say a Glaive has a speed edge of six. If he used two levels of effort to reduce the difficulty of his speed defense task by two (cost 5) and he succeeded, would activating Riposte cost five points to his speed pool (6 - 1 edge left from using effort on speed defense) or would it be free (6 - 6 speed edge)? If the former why would you want to use Riposte instead of simply reducing the difficulty of the speed defense roll?


  • You can only apply Edge once per Action and enablers are done as part of another Action (in this case, Defence). So the math works out as: -

    Use 2 levels of Effort = 5 Speed

    Use Riposte = 6 Speed

    Total cost 11 Speed - Edge of 6 means spend 5 Speed points from your pool.

     If you succeed on your defence roll then Riposte allows you to immediately make an attack on that creature OR gain an asset for the next attack you make on it before the end of the next round.

     If you didn’t use Riposte then the use of Effort wouldn’t cost any Speed, but you wouldn’t get the free attack in response.

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