Skills and Special Abilities

How to skills interact with special abilities?  Or at least how are people handling them.

For instance does a Warrior who is Trained with heavy bladed weapons gain the benefits of training when wielding a heavy bladed weapon and using a special ability like Thrust?

How about and Adept who has the Magic Training special ability (training in Magic) and Onslaught.  Does Training in magic apply to the attack?

How about a Speaker using Enthrall with Training in an applicable social skill.  Does that Training apply?

I ask because I'm trying to under stand when a character would want to use an advancement benefit to train a special ability as a skill?



  • I think this really depends on the game master, and his interpretation of the ability. 

    Thrust indicates You "Make an Attack" which from my interpertation would allow training/specialization or lack of to adjust the difficulty of the roll. 

    Adept Using Magic training - This is a bit of a tougher one to adjudicate, I would say strictly speaking - No it would not apply to Onslaught as it is a considered a non-combat skill and a combat ability. The system clearly defines combat and non combat skills, IMHO allowing that training to apply to tasks to attack or defend would blur that line. 

    Speaker using Enthrall - I would allow someone with the appropriate training to lower the level of the task when using enthrall since it indicates "While Talking". This is one of those abilities you can challenge often during it's use. Enthalling the guards - fairly easy as the speaker begins corner soap box speech. If the situation changes such as a crowd shows up, their friends try to sneak by, easy enough justification to ask for another roll to maintain the effect. So yes a skill applying to the effect is acceptable in my opinion. 

    In the game I am running now it is a typical Fantasy setting, Basics of magic applies when doing the standard understanding or identifying, but also applies with trying to modify abilities on the fly (I allow divine power PC's to us Religion or similar ability). However when rolling to affect a NPC adversly they need to have a specific Skill in that ability. I allow these with the normal skill training that you get with normal progression, since it only applies with a single ability even though it is likely going to be combat related. 

    Another thought would be be add attack types for some Abiities to the list of Training/specialization categories for weapons. Like Ranged Phyiscal abilities, Ranged Mental Abilities, Melee magical Abilities.. etc.. (as narrow or as broad as needed for the campaign); and require the individual to wait till they can gain Training or specialization in tier for those abilities (might have to take combat flavor to represent a combat mage concept)

    Just my two cents

  • Appreciate your thoughts IamBatman.  Thanks.
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