Allied npc, how combat works

Ehy guys, i have a problem with the npc.
For example : i have an ally robot level 3 , and this robot want to attack a guard level 2 . what happen ?
And in general, how can i resolve a conflict between npc ?

I found a section in the book, but i didn't understand :neutral: 


  • a) The CR says handwave it to suit the story. I found this didn't always work, sometimes you need to roll.
    b) As a rule of thumb, all things being equal, a L2 NPC has 50/50 chance of defeating a L2 NPC. So they need to roll 11+ on d20 to beat them.
    Then modify for the difference in Levels (+3/-3). So the L3 robot has to roll 8+ to beat the guard; the guard has to roll 14+ to beat the robot.
    Roll 1 = Instant Death, roll 20 = Instant Kill
  • Ty .
    You could also use :  1d20  + (lvl *3)
  • If I need the randomized or if I feel the PC's are over utilizing the NPC or if the NPC really needs to have a shot regardless of level... I let the Target set the Level and let the players roll a D20...    Target is the NPC level... it is adjusted by the difference between the NPC levels if any...

    Level 3 Ally is attacking a level 4 NPC... 12 is the target, but is modified by one level pushing it to a 5 (15). 
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