Any cautious for first adventure and/or character?

I ordered and received Say No to Evil last week and my 7 year old daughter is super-excited to play. I'm super-excited to guide, too. Her mother/my wife will also have a character. I was planning on running Dragon Snot Falls, as recommended in the books. 

Those of you who have run the games, What cautions or ideas do you have about running the game. The first thing I noticed is that the difficulty for convincing the telling the future frog to talk seems a bit high (4). I was planning on making it a 3. 


  • So, I have not played No Thank You Evil, nor read it before.  I wanted to, but I don't have a reason to anymore now that my kids are old enough for the more adult type themes and games.  I have been GMing games for the better part of 20 years, and the cypher system since it came out.  I would say that if you think that it is going to be too difficult for your characters/players you have three options.  The first is to go ahead and lower the difficulty that way you make sure that whatever the information the frog has is successfully passed on and doesn't bog your game down.  Or second, is don't lower it, but if they do not succeed in getting the information, have the frog give the characters a short side quest to insure that they can still get it.  Third, If your daughter comes up with something totally wacky or off the wall to solve the issue, roll with it. 
    As for any cautions, I don't have many, just keep it light and fun, most of the games I played with my kids while they were growing up I had to make sure that the lighter tones stayed consistent and that was very difficult for me.  I feel that you need to stop if she (your daughter) starts looking like she's bored or overly distracted, and come back to it later.  The last bit of advice, is talk to her afterward and ask her what her favorite parts were... go full on Dora the Explorer with her, just don't stare at her as awkwardly as Dora.
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