Fryun Invasion part2 - The Charioteer's Tomb

After the last of the beetles had been crushed they moved on the passageway previously guarded by the statues.  Long and lit only by the glowglobes they brought with them.  Talon took the lead, and promptly triggered a trap hidden beneath the drit of floor.  The floor dropped out beneath him, and the whole rest of the floor slab, for a good portion of the passage, flipped over end closing over the top of him.  Trapped beneath the slab, the fall not actually hurting him the much, Trapped, Talon searched the channel and found one of the builders or an architect huddled in one of the corners.  The others devised a way to open the slab by having J4 stomp on the trigger side and wedging the slab open so Talon could climb out on the far side.  Afterward they wedged the slab into place disabling the trap from flipping open again.

Following the passage the group come to another archway leading to a small chamber, more richly adorned than the others, prominently placed in the center was the carved sarcophagus of Henu-Akeht.  All of their efforts to open it failed and the soon discovered that it was indeed a seamless slab of some unknown material.  That’s when they heard the scrabbling, digging noises from the far end of the room.

A pair of giant sized scorpions burst from the floor behind the sarcophagus showering the four of them in drit and sand.  The four of them collectively decided the burial chamber was too small an area to properly fight the creatures and drew them into the trapped hallway.

The fight was fairly vicious, but not quick.  The armored carapace of the scorpions proving to be the major hindrance of actually slaying the arachnids.  Thinking the underside of the creatures might be softer and less armored; Elliot charged and slid beneath one of the creatures.  Proven right she finally did a significant amount of damage, only to rewarded with being drenched with ichor.  J4 manage to finish that scorpion off with a well-placed punch.  Talon and Sammy faced off with the other scorpion barely managing to keep away from the stinger and the giant claws.  With Sammy harrying the creature from the front Talon was able to cut off the tail and in turn use it on the beast to finally stop it from moving.

Taking a short breather, Sammy, Talon and J4 heard muffled crying, coming from one of the scorpions.  Investigating, they found Elliot still trapped beneath it crying because she could not lift the creature off and the ichor was starting to ooze onto her face.*

It took all three of them with some effort from Eliot to lift the carcass off and get her free.  After another sweep of the tomb’s chambers the group exited the crypt and was met by an amazon-like warrior named Ima,** who explained that she had just been hired by Dorial to assist the excavation.  They welcomed Ima to the team and after speaking to Kassem, the foreman of the local workers, started the process of pulling out the sarcophagus.

The next day, the group is awakened by a small convoy of military hoversleds at the gates of the digsite.  Their leader, Lieutenant Conoric of the Uxphon Coalition Army, Quartermaster’s Brigade, explained that they had been dispatched to assist excavation with the transport of the artifacts back to Uxphon.  He then explained there had been large groups of raiders reported in the area and a little extra security was requested for them.  Glad for the help, the group with the Lieutenant then set about deciding on which sleds got what artifacts and the route they would need to follow. 

Against Conoric’s recommendation the group decided to use the old digsite sled to transport the sarcophagus and all of the other easily removed artifacts would be packed on the military sleds.  Between the efforts of the quartermasters, the Local workers and the heroes most of the artifacts from the tomb were safely pulled out and loaded on to the sleds, but it did take all day.

Early the following morning the convoy left the digsite, also leaving Kassem the foreman in charge.

Everything seemed to be going according to plan, the convoy was traveling at a good speed and no one in the back of the sled seemed to be getting bounced around too badly and there didn’t seem to be any obstacles in their way so far.  Talon, Ima and J4 (hiding) in the back of the sled with the sarcophagus were keeping watch and occasionally checking adjusting the cargo straps.

Rounding a particularly high set of dunes there was a slight flash of sunlight on metal and then raiders just seemed to appear out of the dunes surrounding the convoy.  They were wearing an odd mix of loose desert clothing and military style gear, riding avatrols.  The band of raiders rushed up to the hoversleds and a pitched battle ensued across all the sleds.  Raiders, quartermasters, and heroes alike all started doing their best to throw each other out and off of the sleds.  The military quartermasters took the opportunity to use the confusion of the battle to put their plan into action and get rid of the heroes and the raiders.  To no avail.

The sheer number of raiders ended up being too much for the quartermasters, as they were the first to lose their sleds.  Those that tried to take the old digsite sled were met with readied resistance.  The group had already decided that the military quartermasters were probably not to be trusted, and acted accordingly.  The raiders, bolstered by their victories on the other sleds redoubled their efforts on the digsite sled.  Slowly, raiders did manage climb aboard and throw all of the heroes off of the sled, Not before Talon, managed to recognize the language the raiders were using as gaian.  The heroes watched as the raiders turned their avatrols and the convoy to the north.

 The heroes chased off or killed the remaining quartermaster troops on the ground before setting out to retrieve the sarcophagus and their hoversled.


  • *  All of her might rolls to lift the critter and get out from under it had failed up to this point.

    ** So this is where our fifth player, Amanda, joined us.  She is a Glaive that had leave her former position because of a scandal and has been wandering Navarene and the Skyfields ever since. 
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